Super Mario World: Intrigue – Special World (Part 1/2)

World 1:
World 2:
World 3:
Special World (Pt 1/2): You are here.
Special World (Pt 2/2):

This is the first part of the Special World of my Super Mario World ROM hack, Super Mario World: Intrigue. There are 17+1 levels in this hack. This video is played using version 2.6.

The IPS Patch can be downloaded here:

You will also need a clean (unedited) ROM of Super Mario World, as well as an IPS patching tool, like Lunar IPS which can be found here:

This is a tool-assisted video, which means tools such as save states and slowdown were used in the process of making this video.

Duration : 0:8:59

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Super Duty Ball Joint Replacement Part II 720HD

Super Duty Ball Joint Replacement Part II is ready for viewing! On this final video, I show the installation of the inner hub seal using the special tool. It takes some beating and that’s why the tool is necessary. Without it the seal could be damaged, and the hub may not hold vacuum. From there I just show assembly. Enjoy, I hope it would help for info on the the job is performed. Leave comments here or on my Facebook page for request on videos.

Duration : 0:6:18

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