How to Make Perfect Open Spirals

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There are many tutorials out there for making open spirals with wires. The problem with those techniques is to make them evenly and the same each time. That’s not an easy task and it takes alot of practice.

After remembering something I’ve used in my childhood, I had developed this new technique of how to make open spirals evenly and of the same size over and over again. No need for Special Tools here, just the usual jewelry making pliers would do.

Duration : 0:4:45

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Bocote Pendant Turned Without Special Tools

In this video, I turn a round bocote pendant with offset hole using no Special Tools or chucks. This technique uses a couple of small face plates with waste blocks and 2″ turner’s tape.

Duration : 0:32:9

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A Dying Art Form [Documentary]

A short documentary I did this summer to help my friend with his leather crafting business. And I finally got it edited!

Robert Anzaldua is a leather craftsman in Austin, Texas. His talents show through the entirely handmade leather products he creates. Robert has his own company, Sanitarium Leather Works, which is finally taking off. He can make things from dog collars to purses, but his most common work consists of guitar straps. Robert gained interest in this particular craft to find a creative outlet in his life and fell in love with it. Leather crafting is being taken over by machines and manufacturers, but he tried to keep the custom hand-making style alive.

To contact Robert-

Original music by Josh Levine

Duration : 0:9:32

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