How to Use Crystal Clay – Learn how to use Crystal Clay along with Swarovski crystal chatons to make beautiful jewelry. This two part epoxy clay has a 60 – 90 minute work time and cures fully in 12 – 24 hours. No Special Tools required and available in a wide range of colors. Make rings, pendants, cuff links, purse hangers, and more!

Designer: Julie Bean

Crystal Clay Bling Ring
Project R610

Pink Passion Purse Hanger
Project C621

Crystal Clay Filigree and Swarovski Chaton Compact – Sage
Project C620

Crystal Clay Filigree and Swarovski Chaton Compact – Pink
Project C622

5th Avenue Ring
Project R611

Mint and Ice Ring
Project R618

Moonstruck Earrings
Project E673

You can find the supplies in this video at

New Crystal Clay & Chaton Mixes

New Bezel Findings – Ideal For Crystal Clay!

Beadsmith Magical Rhinestone Pick Up Tool With Cleaning Kit
SKU: XTL-4004

Bezel & Resin Pendants

Beadsmith Magical Tray For Rhinestones – Flips Flatback Rhinestones Like Magic
SKU: XTL-9014

Aluminum Triangle Bead Sorting Trays Use to Sort/Scoop & Weigh – Qty 6
SKU: XTL-9012

Crystal Clay 2-Part Epoxy Clay Kit W/ 36 #1028 Swarovski Elements – Sage
SKU: TRC-212

Duration : 0:10:16

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Safety Awareness in the Workplace – Understanding Safety Awareness Safetycare free video preview

In the past, safety was often regarded as just an adjunct to production.

Today, it is well recognised that managing safety issues efficiently and effectively will contribute to an organisation’s financial viability and it will demonstrate a commitment to the most valuable asset of any organisation; its people.

Safety awareness is the starting point to accident prevention.

Included in this program:

• What is an Accident?
• Why do accidents occur?
• Who is responsible for safety?
• Safety policies.
• Recognition, evaluation and control of hazards.
• Safe work procedures.
• Manual handling.
• Good Housekeeping practices.
• Use of tools and equipment.
• General safety requirements.

What is Safety Awareness?

It’s a responsibility, a commitment, an obligation. It’s common sense, teamwork and safe work procedures. It’s recognising hazards and showing a willingness to act to control any hazard present.

The program has been designed for all personnel. It can be used as a general safety training program and can also be utilised as an induction program for new personnel to introduce safety concepts.

Duration : 0:3:21

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How to service ( lubricate ) a bicycle derailleur cable. ( No Tools ) adjust cables

One of the main causes of poor shifting performance in a bike that had formerly shifted pretty well is excess dust, dirt, and contaminant in the derailleur housing.

This video demonstrates a technique on how to lubricate a bicycle derailleur cable without having to use any Special Tools. The trick is basically that you run the gears up to the point that the derailleur is at it’s maximum extension under tension (on the biggest cog for standard, or down on the smaller cogs for a reverse, or “Rapid Rise” derailleur) and then, without pedaling, you release the shifter to the other end of the spectrum. By leaving the derailleur at it’s full extension, but releasing the shifter you create a bunch of slack in the cable (because the chain on the cogs holds the derailleur in place at full extension. With the cable slacked out you can remove the derailleur housing and cable from it’s guides (if the guides are slotted which is the standard on most decent bikes.) Then with the cable housing able to slide up and down on the cable itself, you can lubricate the cable, inspect for kinks, and clean.

The best part of this technique is that you can do it quickly, you can do it anywhere, and it does not mess with the derailleur adjustment at all.

Duration : 0:11:20

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HoneyBee King2 Flybar repair, clamp removal no special tools, crash damage repair for free.

Hi all, I crashed it pretty good- not as good as my next crash, I can’t seem to get the crash on tape- but the next best thing is to give you my damage reports and show you how I get it flying again with little downtime and no money when possible. Anyone attempting any of my modifications and repairs should not take only my word as teachings but do all necessary research and diligently learn as much about what I am doing before you do it yourself- that means people if you mess something up doing what I tell you and you did not spend any additional time online checking and rechecking after me then it was likely your own fault- also, if what you does gets your heli damaged or worse, then it was ultimately your decision to do what you did and I am not liable- so do your homework before you play..

Anyhow on to the crash-
Quite simple crash, I was flying back home (to me) nose-in and started giving away to much altitude, so I swung the throttle high and picked up, tried to swing it around and get oriented, at this point it was directly overhead, I had narrowly avoided getting hit by it or so it seems anyhow, and I was 15 feet up or so trying to correct and well, we all know what happens- I came down, tried to kill the throttle before the impact but it was still a good one ;)
Bent flybar
broken blades (I never re-use a pair after a crash if they get scuffed or marred, so I consider them broken even though they are intact)
broken circular link rod
broken front servo horn
broken rear servo teeth
some minor bruising (nothing a little tuning can’t get right)
Busted canopy
lost a grommet in the field (ARGGH!!)

So I bandaged her up, put her on the stretcher and brought her home to my ER. She WAS up again until the other day when I had an even MORE spectacular crash, I’ll be getting a rebuild video for my metal head setup on here in its entirety, so people can get the info they need without scouring 100 different forums and videos. Waiting for the parts now..see you guys in the sky.

Duration : 0:6:5

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