YFZ450 Steering : Special Tool Requied

I found i needed a speacial tool to remove a retaining nut holding the lower steering bearing in.The tool that is required for this process costs $65-$75 even for a cheap model of the tool.

i decided to find a way to make my own tool.if anyone is interested i could make them a tool also for 1/2 the price people are trying to sell cheaper quality items for.

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5 Responses to YFZ450 Steering : Special Tool Requied

  1. i have a cheaper …
    i have a cheaper idea for you on the 2006 4×4 f-150 trucks the lower strut bolt is a 30mm so just some food for thought im sure you could go to a pick apart junk yard and pick some up for very very cheap

  2. I have a question …
    I have a question you might be able to answer… I broke my tie rod end on my yfz 450, the tie rod end snapped on the threads going into the actual tire rod. I was able to be the tie rod end out, now I’m having trouble trying to get the rest of the threads out the left of the tie rod, is the nut on the end of the tie rod reverse thread or regular? I’m afraid if I turn too hard I may either strip it or bend the tie rod itself… any help you can give on this would be greatly appreciated thank you

  3. yea i myself tried …
    yea i myself tried alot of nuts from differant items i had laying around that looked the right size but most of them were made out of too soft of metal and stripped the nut i was using.i actually found a fastener shop that sells only industrial use nuts and bolts and picked up one of there toughest bolts.i cut the bolt into 3 pieces each one measuers 1 1/4 inces.the metal is so strong it took me almost 10mins to cut the bolt into the 3 pieces using a saws-all.

  4. I used the nut off …
    I used the nut off a bicycle steering stem and welded a nut onto it and just use a crescent wrench to turn it. Works good

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