Super Duty Ball Joint Replacement Part II 720HD

Super Duty Ball Joint Replacement Part II is ready for viewing! On this final video, I show the installation of the inner hub seal using the special tool. It takes some beating and that’s why the tool is necessary. Without it the seal could be damaged, and the hub may not hold vacuum. From there I just show assembly. Enjoy, I hope it would help for info on the the job is performed. Leave comments here or on my Facebook page for request on videos.

Duration : 0:6:18

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25 Responses to Super Duty Ball Joint Replacement Part II 720HD

  1. very good video i …
    very good video i got a f450, so this video is for me, thanks for you help. thank you very much.

  2. awesome video, I …
    awesome video, I love the instrumental throughout the video, whats it called where can I find it?

  3. @jboydmv90 Moog is …
    @jboydmv90 Moog is a great replacement joint. I normally sell and install OEM joint in the dealership. I’ve been doing this a long time, thats what makes it look easy!

  4. @srmastertech Would …
    @srmastertech Would you recommend factory ford ball joints? I always buy moog ball joints for those and factory ford seals I keep in stock cause I do a ton of those jobs- you really make the job look easy!

  5. @jboydmv90
    First …

    First answer, lower ball joint torque is 150 ft/lbs. Upper ball joint is 69 ft/lbs. You can buy the tool from handsontool web site and just search for the ford service tool number.


  6. Two questions, …
    Two questions, whats the torque specs on the ball joint nuts, and where did you get that tool too install that seal? Another great video!

  7. @zytekfan It’s …
    @zytekfan It’s great to hear your back up and runnign! It’s great that my videos helped! You welcome!!!

  8. @srmastertech …
    @srmastertech Thanks. While it was still on the jacks, I locked the hub and then the shaft spun with the wheel, so I think it’s just the new seal. It went in nice and easy with a little wiggling so I also think it’s in together. Guess the only way to tell will be when I use 4wd. I will be popping the front diff cover to inspect the gears and change the fluid shortly.

    And thanks for the videos, they’ve been very helpful!

  9. @zytekfan It could …
    @zytekfan It could be the inner knuckle seal. Depending on what tool you used to install the seal, it may crush when installing. Usually it it will still turn, but be very stiff. Thats where you should look first.

  10. If I just put all …
    If I just put all the stuff back together and the axle shaft won’t spin by hand, what’s causing it?
    I followed the procedure exactly and everything fits together as it should, but the shafts won’t spin by hand. I’m thinking it’s just the new knuckle seal, but I’m not sure…

  11. @filthyphillyboy

    The front hub bearings are sealed assembly’s and no adjustment is required. Just insall the hub and torque mounting nuts.

  12. These two videos …
    These two videos relieveda bunch of stress about my up coming DIY ball joint job. Thanks!

  13. @KoolAidMan8881

    If you have oil coming out of the axle tube, the axle seals are leaking. If it is leaking from the inside of the knuckle, it would be grease leaking from the wheel hub bearing. No other oil in the hub. There is an air chamber for the hub locks. If the vehicle was reciently in high water and the system is leaking, it could fill with water and and mix with the hub grease then leak from the knuckle hub seal. to replace the inner axle seals the axles & differential must be removed

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