Stator Repair – 3e of 9 – Accessing Clutch Plates with Special Tool.AVI

This is one of several short videos demonstrating use of the special tool to removal and install new clutch disc plate on our 1995 Harley Davidson Heritage Softail Classic. Here we demonstrate how to use the special tool to disassemble the clutch assembly.

Duration : 0:7:15

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18 Responses to Stator Repair – 3e of 9 – Accessing Clutch Plates with Special Tool.AVI

  1. It’s not really …
    It’s not really neccessary. The clutch cable adjustment is for cable slack and that’s it. The adjustment at the clutch itself is to adjust the freeplay between the clutch components. The actuator is on the other side of the transmission and uses a pushrod though the transmission mainshaft to disengage the clutch. It’s basically that pushrod’s slack that is being adjusted at the clutch.

  2. Not sure, check …
    Not sure, check your manual, it will let you know.

    Good luck,

    V-TwinOnline . com

  3. – (Continued) as …
    – (Continued) as always, when in doubt follow the manual. I feel the clutch cable adjustment is there as a convenience so you don’t have to dig into the primary. But hey… I was already there… so why not make the adjustment at the clutch rather than the cable.

    Those are just my thoughts. Again, I am not an AMI trained mechanic. I adjusted the clutch, at the clutch adjusting screw, and made sure I had “free” play, 1/16th to 1/8th gap at the lever as I tightened the screw.

  4. – You are …
    – You are absolutely correct. Step 3 on page 6-8 of the 1995 Softail Service manual states you should, in reference to figure 6-9, “Loosen the jamnut and remove the adjuster screw and jamnut.” (On the Cable)

    I skipped this step. To me there are two places in the system to make adjustments. The cable and the Clutch Adjusting Screw. As you release/engage the clutch at the lever, while you loosen / tighten the Clutch Adjusting Screw, you can “feel” the play left in the clutch.

  5. I watched a few of …
    I watched a few of your videos,they were a big help (just like other people said here before me) But I have a question: towards the end of the video , when you re-install the clutch adjuster and jam nut, you then check your clutch action. HOW is that possible?? I thought before you remove all of the clutch parts, you must run the clutch cable free play adjustment all the way in, to have a slack cable. Am i wrong, on that.??

  6. - Good tip. …
    - Good tip. Thanks for taking the time to post your comment; I do appreciate your input.

    V-TwinOnline . com

  7. – First, thank you …
    – First, thank you for your service in the industry. Without you we would all be in a lot of trouble. Second, thank you for taking the time to comment. Your comments, and those of others, motivate me to make more of the same; or they address errors – I appreciate both.

    Sometimes, all we need is to just watch over someone’s shoulder to get an idea on how stuff works.

    Good luck on your sled, but I am sure you don’t need it.

    V-TwinOnline . com

  8. thanx man im a …
    thanx man im a heavy duty mech, n the factory service & clymer were both vague on how to remove the snap ring to remove the diapragm, once you visually showed me the screwdriver both manuals did not describe my clutch plate inspection was able to be done thanx man your an asset to youtube and now a grease monkey brother to me man =)

  9. – As an old wrench …
    – As an old wrench told me once, sometimes you gotta run it ’till it breaks. Giving a bike a little gas is no big deal, unless you are talking fuel injected; then you might have a problem.

    For those unfamiliar with a gilera see:­unner/runner_st_200/­px

    Good luck,

    VTwinOnline . com

  10. ive got a gilera …
    ive got a gilera runner and it has an electric start, to start it up i jus have to give it a little gas while holding the start button but i wish only to hold the start button so if i buy this stator plate will it fix my problem

  11. – Sorry to hear …
    – Sorry to hear about your luck and thank you for sharing your experience. At least the site will be up for you to reference next time. Thank you for your kind comments.

    V-TwinOnline . com

  12. I just had to have …
    I just had to have my whole clutch pack replaced because those brass rivets broke! Gouged my stock basket to the point it could not be used. Wish I would have found yor site first— I could’ve done the job myself. Thanks so much for your vids, they have made repairs on my 145,000 mile softail VERY easy!!!!

  13. hey man , does your …
    hey man , does your dad know your messin his scoot up….

  14. – Awesome.

    – Awesome.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on my post.  Sharing of information is exactly why I started the V-TwinOnline channel. When folks like you share their thoughts, the channel becomes that much better.

    Thank you again

    V-TwinOnline . com

  15. That clutch is a …
    That clutch is a stock with original clutch plates. those brass rivets mean the clutch should be replaced and coming apart. Barnett has a clutch kit that has an extra plate that takes the place of that Plate with the Rivets. BARNETT P/N 307-30-20011 AND DRAG P/N DS223750. Great Clip Bro 

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