Spetsnaz Machete – Russian Special Forces Survival Tool

This is the only Spetsnaz Machete video on the internet! This is the Тайга used by the Russian Special Forces. It has a saw back, hollow handle, bone cutting blade, digging edge, push awl and more. The handle is bakelite and the blade is made of carbon steel.

They can be used as a grappling hook, machete, wood chopper, bone cutter, digging tool, trig calculator, protractor, measuring device, saw, leather awl-and the most deadly of applications-as a slasher weapon by an operator trained in Systema, or the System.

It’s sort of like a Woodsman’s Pal, or a Tom Brown Tracker survival knife. The hollow handle could be used to store emergency items like a fishing kit, matches, a compass, needles, water purification tablets, a lighter, paracord and whatever else you might need in a survival situation.

This is a review, and we’ll be making a demonstration video in the near future.

This machete is a peice of Russian history. This former USSR Military knife was only issued to the elite Spetznaz and Soviet Air Force Pilots. It is a very hefty knife and as heavy as some machetes. It is a total of 15 inches long with 9 3/4 inches of high carbon steel blade. It weighs about a pound and a half. The blade is sharp almost all the way around. It has a sharp grove just forward of the hilt for parachute chord cutting then the blade runs about 4 inches before it becomes serrated at the curve, then becomes shapened again at the axe face area (can be used as an axe). The end is shapened and can be used for prying and the top is a saw back. On the blade is 0 to 90 degree marks (I’m told for navigation) and 3 different size holes (again to navigation). It’s also numbered 0 to 15 centimetres. There is a blood grove running 7 1/2 inches just under the saw back. On the back it has a character like an unside down L and the number 108.

The hilt has 2 holes for lashing it on a staff or what not to make a spear. The handle has a hole for a lanyard and is like orange colored composite material (bakelite?). It has a hollowed out waterproof compartment for matches. There is an ice pick device that is molded and held into the handle area by the cap for the waterproof compartment (see photo), When removed it can be re-attached the opposite direction to form an ice pick and be used as a needle / leather awl. It also has a screwdriver / prying edge. The cap / pommel can also be used to hammer. It is just a all around versatile weapon / tool and would be a great addition to a knife or military collection

See my other reviews and demonstrations on this survival tool. I made my version of the spetsnaz machete. I call it the Wolverine.

Duration : 0:4:33

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25 Responses to Spetsnaz Machete – Russian Special Forces Survival Tool

  1. @envirosponsible …
    @envirosponsible Yeah, so would I! I’ll set a note aside and shoot a pic to you, I need to learn how to take a pic from camera to pc then send it out to another account. Thanks.

  2. Your last note on …
    Your last note on the lack of a sheath…went hog hunting 11/11/11 and cut an patch of hide WITH tail and am in the process of curing the leather to make a sheath. This tool is a real skull/obstical crusher!

  3. Also, i think that …
    Also, i think that the Bone cutting area is unnessesary, so is the climbing feature, the shovel and the handle should have been made out of a more sturdy material.

    I give this machete 1/5.

  4. This is just to …
    This is just to fancy in my opinion, a machete should alot more simple, a larger chopping area is required for taking down trees/poles, By “Fancy” i mean that the plastic handle is shit, and that the “Bone sawing/cutting” area is ridiculous and unnessesary.

  5. Saw this on …
    Saw this on battlefield 3, and I have spent the last 2-3 hours trying to figure out what it was, and if it was an effective bush knife.

  6. I have had one for …
    I have had one for years and just had a sheath made for it from a shoe repair shop. The sheath is leather with a belt loop and snap on strap around the handle. Use it for camping and my BOB.

  7. With a hollow …
    With a hollow handle, how does the blade and handle attach? If it’s like my buck master, then it’s just a cool thing to look at and not very usefull.

  8. was turned off by …
    was turned off by the plastic handle, but i found out its bakelite which is a total blast from the past i want one

  9. @envirosponsible …
    @envirosponsible Why are they no longer in production? It seems like such a complete tool for any army.

  10. @carlitoltu1
    Why …

    Why pay more than 300$ for a Tool which is officially sold for a price of ~110$ in Russia?

  11. Stream,’`It”.Now’. …

  12. I bought one of …
    I bought one of these about 12 years ago and used it camping and backpacking.

    Frankly, it’s a “blivet.” (“10 pounds of sh*t in a 5 pound sack.”) It does nothing very well but a lot of things poorly. Get Victorinox Camper, a machete for chopping, a pocket chain saw for cutting large things, and a compass/clinometer for measuring angles. You’ll save money and weight, have more options and be a lot happier with the results.

    It’s a great conversation piece. That’s about it.

  13. SIMPLY`;:COPY.;,&:: …

  14. @Eurotrash4367

    The date it entered the service with Russian military is easy- never. The exact time the tool exists is difficult to pinpoint but it’s about 20 years.

  15. look at his right …
    look at his right pointer finger. its cut off partially. i wonder what happened. and so is his thumb.

  16. look at his right …
    look at his right pointer finger. its cut off partially. i wonder what happened.

  17. WOW!! If I had one …
    WOW!! If I had one I would wear it everywhere! I don’t care how silly that is!! That thing is AWEsome!!

    …if they go “CLICK!”, instead of “BANG!” – you can always throw it at the enemy!…

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