Remove flywheel/stator without special tools.

In this video I show how to remove the flywheel from a 1982 XR200R without using any Special Tools. I learned this trick from watching a video an lawnmowers from the davidsfarm youtube channel.

For an alternative method, you can also use the rear axle bolt to fit into the larger thread instead of the smaller M12, and then hit it in the opposite direction without the screwdriver. In this case though, it did not fit. I know this works for some XRs, but not mine.

Duration : 0:1:58

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16 Responses to Remove flywheel/stator without special tools.

  1. @forku2umf …
    @forku2umf powerband ajusting tool? erm theres not a tool to ajust the powerband. i think you mean powervalve, but honda xr has always been 4 stroke, so they dont use powervalves

  2. Not a stator. A …
    Not a stator. A stator is…stationary! Maybe that’s why they call it a “stator”. Don’t “tap-tap-tap the bolt. One big hit! Tappy-tap ain’t gonna do shit. Get some help to pry from 2 sides if possible. Just don’t let this guy touch your engine. The correct puller is available. Try the Honda shop (I just love saying “Honda shop!”) They may rent you theirs. Do NOT ask to borrow it without offering anything. Offer to pay for a rental. Ask to borrow his powerband adjusting tool, too. Please!

  3. if u dont hav a …
    if u dont hav a puller y not jus buy a bolt that threads in? much easier and does the same as the puller

  4. if you happen to …
    if you happen to crack any of the magnets when you decide its a good ideal to strike it anywhere in that area by the flywheel and end up having to buy a new flywheel,you’ll wish you had just used the correct tool

  5. You can buy a bolt …
    You can buy a bolt that threads into the flywheel and pushes on the crankshaft
    that releases the flywheel. Prying on the flywheel against the cases is not a good
    idea .

  6. @tbtires

    Never …

    Never really thought about that, but yeah, hammering on the crankshaft is not good thing to do since it could put a dent in the bearing races. Still, it’s a good cheap trick if you don’t have the right tools.

  7. Not real good …
    Not real good advice…hammering on the end of your crank shaft is never a good thing and besides that hammering there can also create enough shock to de-magnetize your rotor..go ahead if you must and you may get lucky…but I do not recommend it.

  8. @keemez

    Maybe if …

    Maybe if you know them real well they would let you do that. This way isn’t going to do anything bad as long as you are careful with the screwdriver, it is only there to tension the stator, you are not levering it out with the screwdriver.

  9. This demonstration …
    This demonstration is a sure way to cause damage. Use a proper puller… they’re available for free usage from most auto parts stores (might have to ask for “harmonic balancer remover”).

  10. hello mate, where …
    hello mate, where is the stator ? behind the flywheel or inside the side casing ? my bike is 2004 on dt125x and wanted to find a helpful video clip, my stator is in the l/h casing but soon might need to remove flywheel for starter clutch repairs, thanks

  11. @Usernameinvalid16 …

    The Honda ATC200X has almost the same engine as the XR200. In fact, the top end is exactly the same, other then paint colour.

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