How to Use Crystal Clay – Learn how to use Crystal Clay along with Swarovski crystal chatons to make beautiful jewelry. This two part epoxy clay has a 60 – 90 minute work time and cures fully in 12 – 24 hours. No Special Tools required and available in a wide range of colors. Make rings, pendants, cuff links, purse hangers, and more!

Designer: Julie Bean

Crystal Clay Bling Ring
Project R610

Pink Passion Purse Hanger
Project C621

Crystal Clay Filigree and Swarovski Chaton Compact – Sage
Project C620

Crystal Clay Filigree and Swarovski Chaton Compact – Pink
Project C622

5th Avenue Ring
Project R611

Mint and Ice Ring
Project R618

Moonstruck Earrings
Project E673

You can find the supplies in this video at

New Crystal Clay & Chaton Mixes

New Bezel Findings – Ideal For Crystal Clay!

Beadsmith Magical Rhinestone Pick Up Tool With Cleaning Kit
SKU: XTL-4004

Bezel & Resin Pendants

Beadsmith Magical Tray For Rhinestones – Flips Flatback Rhinestones Like Magic
SKU: XTL-9014

Aluminum Triangle Bead Sorting Trays Use to Sort/Scoop & Weigh – Qty 6
SKU: XTL-9012

Crystal Clay 2-Part Epoxy Clay Kit W/ 36 #1028 Swarovski Elements – Sage
SKU: TRC-212

Duration : 0:10:16

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10 Responses to How to Use Crystal Clay

  1. You can get it on …
    You can get it on Beadaholique . com’s website. The links for the supplies in this video are located in the video description underneath the video. Click on those links to see the prices.

  2. Epoxy clay is a lot …
    Epoxy clay is a lot stronger then polymer clay, it will hold up much better to wear. It is also sticky and will adhere to a variety of surfaces without needing to be glued. A big advantage is that it does not need to be baked so you can use it on more surfaces and with various objects which could not go into an oven. One use for it is to press crystals into it, but you can also use it much like any other clay.

  3. Yeah I am pretty …
    Yeah I am pretty sure that is the only purpose of this clay is so that you put crystals in it and put them on mirrors or findings and not have to worry about baking them.

  4. What is the …
    What is the advantage of this epoxy clay over polymer clay? Just that it doesn’t need to be baked? And is this clay’s main purpose to press crystals into?

  5. the beeswax …
    the beeswax toothpick was a revelation. I am forever trying to find a suitable tool for picking up seed beads. Thank you. I shall be making my own.

  6. Oh this looks fun. …
    Oh this looks fun. I am in a charm swap coming up soon and this would be perfect. How pretty. Thanks for sharing, I love your tutorials.

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