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I feel like I should have made this video a while ago but the opportunity never came up. Since I had this RL in my shop that had a check engine light AND an ABS light I thought it was a perfect opportunity to put this video together. I get asked all the time about my ‘special tool’ and it’s really nothing more than a Honda 2 pin connector with the input wires soldered together. These connectors might be harder to find than you think but if you run across a junk honda and one of these is on the harness grab it. Even if you don’t have the tool a paper clip or piece of wire will do the exact same thing so don’t sweat it if you don’t have the tool because shorting the connector is all you need to do.

I hope you find this video helpful.

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24 Responses to How To Pull Honda Codes Without a Scanner -EricTheCarGuy

  1. My old 90 Prelude …
    My old 90 Prelude Si had that connector under the hood towards the cowl on the right side.

  2. That’s nothing, …
    That’s nothing, I’ve got a Dodge truck with more than 250,000 on it, so I’m sure a Honda can do alot better

  3. This is probably a …
    This is probably a honda specific diagnostic system… you can get an OBD-II scanner for $20 on amazon, just do that

  4. the car in this …
    the car in this video is OBDII as well therfore if this works on this car it should on others as well

  5. 91-95 acura legends …
    91-95 acura legends have the connector attached to the ecu cover. (the plug is also grey) you need to pull up the carpet slightly to access it. (its under the passenger side floor near the firewall)

  6. Awesome!

    Eric, …

    You just save me about $100, which I would have dropped for a code reader…


  7. there should also …
    there should also be a separate connector for the srs codes. this is the case with the s2000 at least but it’s probably the same. the s2000 SCS connector is in the drivers side footwell on the Australian delivered version

  8. from memory, its …
    from memory, its called the SCS connector. I have a Honda s2000 and the Australian versions don’t come with obd2 but the US versions do. you can definitely use a paper clip but because it’s thinner it’s better to back probe the SCS connector.

  9. Thanks Eric… This …
    Thanks Eric… This will really help me on my newly acquired 92 Honda Civic EX.

  10. Just used a …
    Just used a paperclip to diagnose a check engine light on my 95 Geo Prizm. Guy I bought it from told me he’s had it come on several times for some minor issue with an oxygen sensor and it cost him $100 to have it diagnosed and reset.

    I did the same thing in my driveway in 5 minutes for the cost of a paper clip. :D

  11. hey i am havin an …
    hey i am havin an issue with a 78 dodge lil red express that im workin on restorin. when in neutral you can floor it and it sounds good but as soon as you put it in drive you cant floor it past 3000 rpm or chugs hard and/or dies. if u lightly give it gas you can go past 4000 rpm without a problem. if you go up a hill it doesnt have the power to keep going and will stop moving forward no matter what the rpms are. i just cant figure out why it chugs or the lack of power. the sending unit is good.

  12. can anyone help me …
    can anyone help me check engine codes on a 1997 japanese import honda integra? i have a 3 pin plug under the passenger side dash

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