Ford Ranger & Mazda B-Series Pickup Clutch Hydraulic Release System Bleeding Procedures

Video shows an easy way to bleed the clutch hydraulics on a Ford Ranger or Mazda B-Series pickup. We also have a video Ranger Bleeding Part 2 that shows the procedure on an actual truck. (Presented by Gary Croyle of Perfection)

Video Topics include:

– Describing symptoms of air trapped in the release system (i.e. no release, poor release, gear grinding, can’t put into 1st or reverse)

– Bench Testing & Bleeding of Clutch Master Cylinder

– Testing Clutch Master Cylinder on Vehicle

– Inserting clutch line into new Perfection TECH-Link™ connector

– Gravity Bleeding of Slave Cylinder

– Demonstration of proper plate lift after successful clutch bleeding

This whole clutch bleeding procedure was done using absolutely NO Special Tools. Only a Philips screwdriver was used. You can easily do this too!

Try this procedure on your next Ford Ranger or Mazda pickup clutch job. You will be glad you did. It works, its easy and you will save lots of time!


Perfection Technical Hotline:

1-800-258-8312 then dial 4


TECHnovation™ Clutch Hydraulics….
Designed and engineered to install faster and easier than original equipment, using existing lines and no special tools!

Perfection offers a complete line of TECHnovation™ Clutch Hydraulics including concentric clutch slave cylinders, external clutch slave cylinders, clutch master cylinders and pre-filled units.

TECHnovation™ is the natural evolution to Perfection’s “Service the System™” approach to clutch repair which leads to longer life and more importantly…happy customers.

Duration : 0:8:5

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25 Responses to Ford Ranger & Mazda B-Series Pickup Clutch Hydraulic Release System Bleeding Procedures

  1. @Clothify I have …
    @Clothify I have the same problem on my 91 ford ranger. At a stop, few seconds later. Push in Clutch and it won’t go in gear.

  2. I got a 93 Toyota …
    I got a 93 Toyota 4×4. I bled the clutch multiple times. When I have the truck in gear, and the clutch engaged at a stop sign for a few seconds, the truck will start to take off on me. Can anyone tell me what this is? Slave cylinder needing replaced?

  3. @perfectionclutch …
    @perfectionclutch ok I will in the future, had to end up taking it to the shop, it was a cracked slave cylinder and was spewing clutch fluid all over clutch. clutch then got corroded, fortunately it was only 900 to fix.

  4. @urgrandmascar
    1. …

    1. Please watch our Ranger Part II video, it shows the process with a system in the truck that will not release. Includes testing and diagnostics.
    2. Call our Tech Line. We do not charge. 800 258 8312 Press 4. 8-5 M-F EST.
    Sorry I didn’t see this sooner, best to call.

  5. @timster258
    Up to …

    Up to 1999 they did use a similar connector, it was black in color. In 2000 they switched connector systems to an all plastic connection that uses a small dia wire clip to lock it in. I’ll check one of the feed line connectors later today, but I’m pretty sure it has a quick connect check valve system. Gary

    PLEASE ANSWER THIS: i have done this to my 03 ranger, i was sure that there was a massive bubble in the line, i did the whole procedure at my house and it didnt work. i made sure not to invert the resivoir when reinstalling…i dont know what else it could be.. a shot master cylinder? cracked resivoir??? the pedal is still not firm and wont go in gear, it only helped a little since initially when the pedal was completely limp

  7. @perfectionclutch …
    @perfectionclutch great vid. thx. Got my clutch back somewhat. I am able to drive it. I did this whole process twice. It doesn’t have the pressure that I want. Any suggestions? Thx.

  8. Viewers,

    I have …

    I have read several negative comments about the choice of line routing, master cylinder position and concentric (internal) slave cylinder. Just an FYI, we did not supply these components to Ford when the truck was made. Our company sells replacement components to the automotive aftermarket and these videos and our Tech Support are hopefully a service to our customers to assist in working on these trucks.

  9. @tomlynx2008
    Glad …

    Glad it worked and helped. The next video will show us doing this with a truck, including diagnostic techniques then make the appropiate servicing.

  10. I just wanted to …
    I just wanted to say thanks….there is no way I could have bled this system without this video…..followed to a “T” and presto….got clutch…..thanks a bunch for posting!!!! FYI to anyone….BENCH BLEED! Don’t take short cuts……

  11. @matflashlight


    We have a 2nd Ranger video that will be posted soon and shows the process using an actual truck. The working alone part is a bit of a challange, but the only time that a second set of hands is needed is for keeping the reservoir topped off and helping guide the pushrod through the pedal assembly.

  12. Worked great! I …
    Worked great! I followed the Hayne’s repair manual after putting in a new clutch, clutch plate, slave cylinder and hydraulic line on my 95 Ranger 2.3 and couldn’t get it to shift in to any gears. I bled it exactly the way the manual called for but I just couldn’t get the clutch to disengage. After watching this video I got it! Didn’t take that long either. Anyone who has a Ford Ranger/Mazda Truck and needs to bleed their clutch hydraulics needs to watch this video… :)

  13. After 2 days of …
    After 2 days of bleeding my new master and slave cylinders to no avail, I followed the instructions in the video and had immediate results. Thank you so much for restoring my sanity and getting me back on the road!!!

  14. Or with the tranny …
    Or with the tranny out of the vehicle, clutch slave installed, master cylinder and lines bled,,, then if I hooked it up to the slave cylinder to bleed it (already on the tranny on the floor), can the slave cylinder push itself apart like a brake wheel cylinder can or is there a built in stop to keep it from coming apart?

  15. GREAT video! …
    GREAT video! Apparently air bubbles got into my master cylinder and I couldn’t bleed it for the life of me, but this video had me up and running in about 10 minutes.  Thank you for a great demonstration and explanation!!!

  16. i agree its …
    i agree its terrible you ran a hard molded line rather then a flexible line terribly routed, an internal slave, mounted the master cylinder to where the air gets easily trapped and by your own admission you knew it wasnt designed right but you built it anyways it should have been mounted at 90 degrees the bleed point for the slave isnt at the very top so air gets trapped there aswell. for the R&D that was spent im sure something better could have been built as a whole its a very half system.

  17. imo this is a very …
    imo this is a very poorly thought out set up. theres no need for the u shape in the line before it cross over the frame it creates issues with no real benefit. then the slave itself is more of a pita then its worth the only part you eliminate is the clutch fork so instead of being able to change the slave easily with 2 bolts and a quick hydraulic connection you have to pull the whole trans. its a poor attempt to simplify the system and it just causes more problems then it solves.

  18. This was a big help …
    This was a big help to me in getting my ranger slave cylinder replaced, thanks.

  19. Thanks for the tips …
    Thanks for the tips on this. I replaced the line,master and slave cylinder ..and tapped on the line watching bubbles from in corners popping up into the reservoir then pushing the plunger in,which left me with 1/16 of push left in the plunger about 5 mins worth..awesome video!
    hooked it to a new slave cylinder on the trans and bled that for 2 full refills,
    now my 91 Ranger 4×4 is just like new again ,besides the minor rust …
    Thanks once again,truck came to life….
    The Johnson’s

  20. @rodinator12

    Thats correct man……just let it run down,it makes a mess but  it works fine that way….did the same with mine.

  21. Excellent video… …
    Excellent video…95 ford ranger.. installed . new clutch master cylinder, slave cylinder and of course replacement clutch …. Very very important ,defintely bench bleed these clutch master cylinders…I made the mistake of trying to bleed the system with system all installed on car….definite no no! Under his instruction….this was a peace of cake..

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