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Your  search for plumbing and heating solutions is over. As,you have clicked the right place. Here at we provide you the complete range of  products especially designed for you in reasonable prices.  We serve you with our finest range of high quality products  at unbeatable prices. Our easy to access website offers you excellent products with high stability and performance. is no doubts a  leader in the distribution of reliable plumbing supplies and excellent heating designs from reputed manufacturers our variety of products include  pex tubing, wirsbo, taco pump, wirsbo, radiant heat, pex plumbing, pex tools, pex fittings etc.

At  present  our PEX Tubing is the most advanced and tested material available in the market which is specially designed for use in Radiant Floor Heating Systems and PEX Plumbing systems. It is gaining in popularity due to its ease of installation and durability.

PEX Tubing is used to distribute heat via water in Radiant Heat and Hydronic Heating Systems. Almost every  radiant heat systems require PEX Tubing with an oxygen barrier.  ThermaPEX Tubing and Wirsbo PEX tubing have an oxygen barrier which makes it ideal for radiant heat systems.

PEX Fittings and Valves include all the fittings and valves required to make connections in a plumbing system. including  HydroPEX Fittings namely clamp/crimp style fittings,ProPEX Expansion Style PEX Fittings, and Sharkbite Compression style PEX fittings.

There are four basic PEX connection systems. The first is the Wirsbo ProPEX system that requires the ProPEX expander tool, ProPEX rings and ProPEX fittings. This connection system can only be used with PEX-a tubing. The second is the stainless steel clamp system that requires a clamping tool, stainless steel clamps, and barbed PEX fitting (HydroPEX). Third is the copper crimp ring system that requires a crimping tool, copper crimp rings, and barbed PEX fittings (HydroPEX). Last is the Sharkbite, compression-style, fittings that do not require a special tool.

Taco Pumps are the best selling pumps on Which delivers high quality plumbing These pumps include the Taco Cast Iron Pumps, the Taco Cast Iron IFC Pumps, and the Taco Bronze Pumps. Taco Pumps are ideal for radiant heat systems. The may be used in the primary loop, or for zoning purposes they may be used along with a switching relay and thermostats. The best selling Taco pump is the Taco 007 Cast Iron circulatory Pump.

Pumps or circulatory pumps is  an essential part of any Hydronic system. The pumps are used to send water to an area of the hydronic system  to keep the flow of water in the system. For proper installation you  should purchase the pump with a pair of flanges to connect to the water line .

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