weld patch on car panels / mig lesson

this is the follow on from how to patch rust
using a MIG welder It is one method that works very well
practice on a off cut in order to get your heat setting right
then its just a matter of joining the dots
don,t rush taking your time between each staggered section, means less heat build up

Videos are for reference and entertainment only: Even tho they are based on step by step guide – If you attempt a repair like the one seen in this video please use the proper safety equipment,

Duration : 0:3:1

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22 Responses to weld patch on car panels / mig lesson

  1. I knew that …
    I knew that allready !! you are doing a great job of welding patch

  2. your a legend mate …
    your a legend mate thanks for this. ive got a 78 gemini coupe with some cancer that needs to be touched up, its in a really awkward place though, could i send a pic an get your advice?

  3. Great video nice …
    Great video nice simple clear instructions, what I like is the fact you are doing it with basic tools that most people would have, unlike other vids that show you need 3 different types of cutting machines and various grinding tools. Thanks

  4. Video about …
    Video about fabricating complicated repair pieces and trying to do a original looking repair would be cool. Keep these videos coming!

  5. Well done! I …
    Well done! I would have attempted the “traditional MIG weld” of trying to get a molten pool going. From now on I’ll remember to tack repeatedly instead.

  6. happy new year, …
    happy new year, cheers dude that brilliant, always had a lot of problems with that type of weld, but not any more.thankyou.

  7. Best explanation …
    Best explanation and demonstration I have seen. This helps me a lot. Love your vids,keep em comin

  8. really enjoy your …
    really enjoy your videos. i’ve learned a ton from them. keep up the good work.

  9. cheers mate :)

    cheers mate :)

    When doing the show car style patch, do you have any tips for butt welding without much distortion? and with your dunlop patch, does it sit proud of the rest of the body as it is just placed on top and lap welded?
    Thanks again for all the great vids!

  10. socamoto my last …
    socamoto my last up load shows the two types of patch fabrication.
    the commercial and restoration methods (show car) check it out – restolad
    how to patch rust secrets revealed

  11. great vid as usual …
    great vid as usual :)

    Any chance of showing us a show car style panel repair please?


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