PC_TV – Indispensables #3 – Internet Safety Tools

Nizar and Jared recommends a few of the most useful Internet Safety Tools for your computer.

Links mentioned:
Microsoft Internet Scanner: http://www.safety.live.com
Malware Bytes: http://www.malwarebytes.org
Hijack This: http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/hjt
Tor: http://www.torproject.org

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Duration : 0:6:48

3 Responses to PC_TV – Indispensables #3 – Internet Safety Tools

  1. How about giving up …
    How about giving up Micro$oft? Use Linux. It’s free, not just in price but in the freedoms it gives you. People around the globe have united in making a safe and secure operating system, subject to peer review, for free! Microshaft patches security holes when it gets around to it, unless it doesn’t get around to it. There are still critical security holes in XP, for god’s sake. Two or three versions of ‘Windows’ ago.

  2. I change my IP …
    I change my IP address on my modem and PC daily. I use XP so it is a very simple to do.

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