How to squeeze your tools and spin fire safety

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All you have to do is to make ckatch can and to have gloves.
Every beginner is good to know how to spin safety and to use your tools. You can see in this tutorial how to squeeze with catch can.

Duration : 0:4:23

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4 Responses to How to squeeze your tools and spin fire safety

  1. you can buy a paint …
    you can buy a paint can at the hardware store for like $4. buy two and have a dip can and a spin off can. resealable durable affordable.

  2. I like the idea …
    I like the idea with bottle :)
    But I wouldnt squeeze poi too much. It’s ok when you spin slowly at start. And burn times should be better. Just one quick swing should do the trick.

  3. eco-friendly …
    eco-friendly spinning: you’re so right!!
    it takes an extra effort but it’s better indeed
    i’ll start doing it too

  4. I use a larger …
    I use a larger container so that I can spin off both my poi at the same time but hey I’m a bit lazy :)

    Great video

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