How to Make a “Safety First” Sign For Your Work Shop

Project Plans here:

Chris Marshall of Woodworker’s Journal shows everyone at the Craftsman Experience how to make this simple woodworking project.

This project is a great way to introduce kids to woodworking and promote safety in the shop. The only tools needed are a scroll saw, a palm router, a drill, and sandpaper.


Duration : 0:36:16

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4 Responses to How to Make a “Safety First” Sign For Your Work Shop

  1. 9 mins in I had to …
    9 mins in I had to stop watching, your camera angles made me too nauseous

  2. it is an in studio …
    it is an in studio thing… they r supposed to look at each other, they r teaching Alex (guy with the real mic) how to make the stuff

  3. Couple of things …
    Couple of things on this little project and the show in general:
    Using two cameras, put one on a tripod, make that one the “audience” then the “actors” can look at it. They both keep looking at the wrong camera. Or, just look at each other.

    Wouldn’t have hurt to mention that Scroll Saw blades break ALL the time, it’s really no big deal. The announcer seemed like he thought it might be a bad representation of the tool. It’s not, it’s very common and the blades are usually pretty cheap.

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