How-to Design and Build Bank Ramps – Manual Labor

Professional skatepark builder, Jona Owings, from Hazard County, GA teaches you how to build everything you want to ride! Get some southern style instruction every Sunday.

In this episode, Jona teaches you how to design and build bank ramps.

DISCLAIMER: Power tools can be dangerous and should never be used without adult supervision. And always remember to use safety goggles when operating power tools.

Marti Amado

Alan Glen, Roger Cotton
“Slide Ride”

Terry Devine-King, Ray Duffy
“Banjos at Dawn”

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Duration : 0:4:51

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23 Responses to How-to Design and Build Bank Ramps – Manual Labor

  1. Try cutting …
    Try cutting transition on a sawbench… Where you can only reach so far and will have to stop cutting and change positions. You’re going to end up with bumpy, transition. Cutting transition well is all about continuity, not stopping for any reason and having one solid cut. Cutting transition on the ground lets you stand on top of the wood you are cutting so you can reach every end of the piece of wood very easily, giving you the ability to have such continuity. Suck it.

  2. There’s a reason …
    There’s a reason his skatepark is in “hazard county”.

  3. no they don’t, …
    no they don’t, theyre not meant for all of the shifting and movement the wood would be doing.
    nails handle stress better.

  4. Oh yeah don’t …
    Oh yeah don’t forget your Vans bro. Vans are always best for feet protection.

  5. you have no idea …
    you have no idea how bad i wish this was around when i skated in high school…

  6. it’s better then no …
    it’s better then no protection at all dude. stop hating

  7. He’s just showing …
    He’s just showing you how to do it, the way you set it up and how to approach it after seeing this is your responsibility.

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