How-To Build A Skatepark With Jona Owings: Essential Tools – Manual Labor

Professional skatepark builder, Jona Owings, from Hazard County, GA teaches you how to build everything you want to ride! Get some southern style instruction every Sunday.

In this episode, Jona teaches you the essential tools you’ll need to build skateboard parks or structures.

Terry Divine-King, Ray Duffy
“Banjos at Dawn”

Chris Egan, Andrew Cooksley
“Dog Town”

Jermey Sherman
“Arkansas Stomp”

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Duration : 0:3:1

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25 Responses to How-To Build A Skatepark With Jona Owings: Essential Tools – Manual Labor

  1. There are so many …
    There are so many sex jokes in this video it doesn’t make any scence LOL

  2. Now I know how to …
    Now I know how to replace a blade, i’m gunna quit my job at start building skateparks for a living!

  3. Please do a video …
    Please do a video on the best way to install coping in a ramp

  4. Awesome! It’s Jona, …
    Awesome! It’s Jona, master ramp carpenter. This dude could build a solid ramp out of anything. He could skin a pig and have bacon ready in minutes. I can’t wait Til the other ones come out. Bitchin!!!!

  5. Do you know that …
    Do you know that Christianity is correct? The world around us reveals that G-d DOES exist, and the historical evidence reveals that Jesus Christ really did come to this earth and there is overwhelming evidence that Jesus Christ really did physically rise from the dead. Jesus is coming again and the signs of the end times that were foretold in the Bible are coming to pass.

  6. if you screw studs …
    if you screw studs after cutting trannies then you won’t have to deal with mistake

  7. I’m trying to start …
    I’m trying to start my own business in jacksonvilel, fL – radius ramp co. on facebook any help would be great I only advertise on craigslist & business is so slow only in christmas do I get emails. I gotta build it so they will come only few do money /materials up front.

  8. he also said, undo …
    he also said, undo your nut…little wiggle right herrreee…nut on

  9. cool so this had …
    cool so this had actually nothing to do with building a skatepark lol he showed how to use a skill saw… then how not to use a skill saw.

  10. i’m tuning in. i …
    i’m tuning in. i have plenty of ideas and abandoned spots to build on.

  11. Great video. Very …
    Great video. Very educational. If you have a link to a good skate-park plan design website, that would help out those getting started in building there own ramps.

  12. Yeah because we all …
    Yeah because we all know skateparks just come together without tools or basic knowledge on how to use them.

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