How-To Build a Skatepark – Quarter Pipe Part 1: Transition Templates – Manual Labor

Professional skatepark builder, Jona Owings, from Hazard County, GA teaches you how to build everything you want to ride! Get some southern style instruction every Sunday.

In this episode, Jona shows you to draw your transition templates in order to build a quarter pipe.

DISCLAIMER: Power tools can be dangerous and should never be used without adult supervision. And always remember to use safety goggles when operating power tools.

Marti Amado

Jeremy Sherman

Terry Devine-King, Ray Duffy
“Banjos at Dawn”

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Duration : 0:5:50

25 Responses to How-To Build a Skatepark – Quarter Pipe Part 1: Transition Templates – Manual Labor

  1. When I was in high …
    When I was in high school we built a qp that was terrible. We built it with a 6 foot radius and it was 6 feet tall and 8 feet wide. We had built a kicker from an article in thrasher and just upsized it. The thing turned out to be a good turn around ramp later on. You could pump the tight tranny really hard and get like 4 pushes of speed out of it.

  2. In the win 98 days …
    In the win 98 days I used to download mp3’s all night. In other words, a song took all night and that was with the early dsl. Never mind the actual 56k and don’t even go near a video.

  3. ride channel you …
    ride channel you need to make manual labour episodes longer they are way to short

  4. windows 98 and the …
    windows 98 and the only way to watch videos was like…through the AOL homepage lol

  5. skating kind of …
    skating kind of became a lost art around here when we all turned 12, 13. this was 10 years ago, mind you. we have a pretty nifty skate park over here now anyway.

  6. its more simple but …
    its more simple but if you accidently lean the pencil to the side your transition wont turn out smooth

  7. cus when you were …
    cus when you were 10…youtube was a fetus…and you were no doubt runnin win 95 aha

  8. the line you draw …
    the line you draw might not be as straight as you want it, because strings stretch and snag, etc.

  9. Why would you not …
    Why would you not use a string for the compass thing? much simpilar or easy right?

  10. And this also …
    And this also reminds me when i was young, i made these to mini quarter pipes, i’d say 2ft wide, 3ft tall, prolly around 4foot long. i made 2 of them, they worked like for a quarter pipe, but you could fly down the street and just get massive air, we used to stake them ontop of eachother, to make it a true vert, just push as fast as we could down the street and early grab. Fun times.

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