How-To Build a Skatepark: Planning & Design – Manual Labor

Professional skatepark builder, Jona Owings, from Hazard County, GA teaches you how to build everything you want to ride! Get some southern style instruction every Sunday.

In this episode, Jona teaches you the planning and design that goes into building skateboard parks or structures.

DISCLAIMER: Power tools can be dangerous and should never be used without adult supervision. And always remember to use safety goggles when operating power tools.

Marti Amado

Jeremy Sherman
“Swamp Life”

Terry Devine-King, Ray Duffy
“Banjos at Dawn”

Alan Glen, Roger Cotton
“Slide Ride”

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Duration : 0:2:26

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23 Responses to How-To Build a Skatepark: Planning & Design – Manual Labor

  1. I see that some of …
    I see that some of the Birdhouse team members were there. Like David Loy ans Shaun Hale.

  2. yall should make …
    yall should make the segments a little longer, like instead of 4 2 mintue things, 2 4 minute videos. i personally think that would be good

  3. then you must have …
    then you must have a buttload of money haha…..its expensive as to build all that

  4. this guy’s cool and …
    this guy’s cool and all, but what’s up with the dead pig fingerbang pic?

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