Fire Alarms: Mandatory For Safety

Just as we expect a bevy of safety features in our car, we must take equivalent safety measures in our homes and offices. House alarms warn us of intruders and carbon monoxide detectors alert us if poisonous – and invisible – gas has entered our home. But equally important is the use of properly installed and deliberately placed fire alarms throughout your home. They can be the first line of defense when fire threatens you life or the lives of your family.

Fire alarms are often found as standard equipment in newly built homes. Most states have adopted fire code laws that require fire alarms on every floor of each home. But if you move into an older home you must ensure that all fire alarms are operational and situated in the proper locations. Fire alarms should be mounted on the ceiling of every floor of the house – including the basement. The most important thing to remember is that in a fire situation, seconds count. Give yourself as much time as possible by putting fire alarms throughout your home. While as late as the 1970s it would have cost upwards of $1,000 to outfit a home with fire alarms, today’s homes can be safe guarded for under $100. Modern fire alarms are efficient, technologically advanced, and extremely affordable.

Most fire alarms can be installed by do-it-yourselfers with simple household tools. But if you are unsure about the location or installation process, check with a certified alarm installation technician or contact your local fire department. Remember that more is always better when it comes to protecting the lives of you and your loved ones; so don’t cut corners when it comes to purchasing the best fire alarms.

Some fire alarms can be integrated straight into your central alarm system. So in addition to alerting authorities if you should have a break-in, it will notify fire personnel should your fire alarms sound. This can be especially helpful if you are away from home on a frequent basis; you will rest assured that your home is always being protected.

In addition to fire alarms, be sure that you and your family have a fire plan that you practice several times a year. This should include an exit strategy for every person in the house as well as a meeting location at a safe distance outside the home.

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