Dents reversed – panelbeating on a fold or swage .

the creative application of the old fashioned off dolly technique
Dents reversed with the same or similar shape dolly to the crown
This time I’m using the edge of the dolly, to push the line or edge back in to the panel.
Videos are for reference and entertainment only: Even tho they are based on step by step guide – If you attempt a repair like the one seen in this video please use the proper safety equipment,

Duration : 0:2:47

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23 Responses to Dents reversed – panelbeating on a fold or swage .

  1. Thanks for the tips …
    Thanks for the tips and vid. Im goin to give it a try. I have some biggish dents on my car bonnet, do you have any tips for removing bigger ones? Thanks

  2. Thanks, verry …
    Thanks, verry usefull information!! Was looking for some info how to repair fenders, found it here :D

  3. wow that’s awesome, …
    wow that’s awesome, never thought it would be done like that. I’m gunna get a kit this week and get rid of some dents :) thanks!

  4. Hey man thanks for …
    Hey man thanks for another great vid. Please make a demonstration for how to work with BONDO.

  5. you can use a flat- …
    you can use a flat- faced wooden mallet it works just as well. my wood mallet is also used for hot shrinking.

  6. Been watching your …
    Been watching your videos for a while now and I have to say I have learned so much…. Especially noting that I have been doing so many repairs the hard way for so long…. Your a life saver!

  7. I too just got my …
    I too just got my first basic panel dolly hammer kit,,,cant wait to test my skills

  8. You inspired me to …
    You inspired me to start doing body work at a small scale. I just bought a 1990 mustang convertible that has no rust, but a bad paint and clear coat. Well a few small dents too. I am looking forward to restoring it, I just bought my first dolly too. The same one you were using. Thanks for all the tips.

  9. you make it look so …
    you make it look so easy restolad :P im still a beginner but your vids have taught me the correct technique to use on dent repair without me having to go through trial and error or ending up with inadequate results.
    thanks a million restolad your vids are hugely appreciated :)

  10. As always, clear & …
    As always, clear & good quality help. Keep up the good work.
    If you ever come to OZ I could give you enough work in my back yard to pay for your air fares!
    Thanks Restolad from Mike

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