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Prada Nargesa S.L.
FabricaciĆ³n y venta de maquinaria industrial

We’re a family Company founded in 1970, dedicated to the metal branch which counts on the experience of more than 40 years of hard work in the search and creation of novelties to meet the needs of the most demanding customers.

All along this time, our Company’s steady growing pace has been our main cornerstone together with the brains of a deeply concerned, involved and qualified staff whose human quality makes it essential for the good development and performance of the whole production gear which undoubtedly blooms out in the achieved success and the satisfaction to know we are leaders as far as quality-price relationship and liability of our products.

With eight thousand square meters of useful surface we keep on strengthening as a modern Company that grows up at the same time that it gets feedback on the creative power of its own personnel. Our machines are basically specialized in the transformation of cold iron to make small, medium or large series of ornamental parts for the construction branch and artistic decoration.

Our products extend not only within the Spanish Geography, but also all around the world where we can fortunately afford to have a great deal of collaborators and agents that help us to make our NARGESA brand name bigger at the time it compliments and solidify the work that is born right in the core of the Company.

The main principle of the work we do is to provide a fast and intelligent solution to the demanding market who claims it, as well as the constant assessment for which we endeavor and receive with special attention and gratefulness our customers who are the basic raw material in order to reach our planned goals.

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