Construction Equipment Rentals

“Construction Equipment Rentals” at This video highlights construction equipment, earth moving machines, excavators, backhoes, material handling forklifts, aerial lifts, and heavy equipment rentals at It starts out with a custom title screen tailored for an industrial theme. From there, we fly into a metal box where video appears showcasing some of the many Heavy Construction Equipment rental items available. From Bulldozers to forklifts, you can find any piece of construction equipment at Rent It Today.

Music: “Don’t Forget the Rules” by Charlie Clouser. (As heard in the “SAW” films)

Duration : 0:2:1

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9 Responses to Construction Equipment Rentals

  1. Nice construction …
    Nice construction equipment video. Covered a wide variety of heavy equipment that is available for rent.

  2. Thanks for the …
    Thanks for the comment. The end boxes are nice as they are annotations that can be edited in real time, anytime. As we feature additional related videos, content, etc we can update the links. You can also feature different videos in preview boxes that are related. We have just started playing around with the new editing features available through YouTube and are excited about all the potential to interlink relative content through them.

  3. Good work. It …
    Good work. It covered all the equipment. I like how you have the boxes to click through to the different areas of your site at the end of the video. Good job.

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