Centurn CNC Lathe video demonstration

Watch the Centurn CNC lathe demonstration from Industrial Machinery. This machine is for sale and is sold and serviced by Industrial Machinery. For more info call 614-464-4376.

Duration : 0:3:12

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18 Responses to Centurn CNC Lathe video demonstration

  1. we do the same …
    we do the same part as shown in the video in the school 1st class Higher technical school in Linz(Austria) Paul Hahn Litec

    But we are quiet faster with this, maybe an other programm?

    we used sinumeric… i think it´s not the newest prog, but faster steps then shown in this video

  2. beautiful machine!! …
    beautiful machine!!! I wish I had the money to buy that machine, I’d finish my chess pieces. or at least have it in my school, we use an old-fashioned Mirac Denford CNC machine

  3. is that aluminum?? …
    is that aluminum?? only ever worked with brass, steel, and polycarbonate… so I dunno what alu looks like lol

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