PC_TV – Indispensables #3 – Internet Safety Tools

Nizar and Jared recommends a few of the most useful Internet Safety Tools for your computer.

Links mentioned:
Microsoft Internet Scanner: http://www.safety.live.com
Malware Bytes: http://www.malwarebytes.org
Hijack This: http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/hjt
Tor: http://www.torproject.org

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Used Gorton Vertical Mill video demo at Industrial Machinery.

Video demonstrations by Industrial Machinery Call 614-464-4376 if you have questions about this machine or any others you wish to buy or sell. Located in Columbus, Ohio since 1936 we service machinist and manufacturers across the United States and also provide Machinery repair parts and accessories.

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Is there a printable file that has various city street lights and street signs and safety symbols?

Is there a template or a program that can be incorporated into Microsoft Word to print out various street signs and symbols and safety symbols for my project?

Please select Insert menu, and choose clip art or pictures. There if you click organise clip, it will show the available clips variety wise, like festivals, emotions. You could add to it by selecting clips on line in the clip art box, listing folders of microsoft example. Then go to tools and click on line in Tools menu, go to microsoft online, it automatically goes there ,There you could select and add to clips to a new folder and then using insert menu you go to the folders where you saved your files and click to add to your word files, like any other documents. You could choose, by search for street signs in the browser search, select what you need and insert ok. The sign pattern and symbols are unique identification and hence i did not prescribe the websites but the procedure to add any symbols in word 2007.Locate insert menu differently for ms word 2003

Special Tools Spotlight/Review with Jared

Jared reviews Special Tools Mod from carliman, which adds some conveniences for mining and farming!

Twitter: twitter.com/SpasmGaming
Mod: Special Tools http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1693391-147forge-specialtools-101/

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How hard is it to replace a belt in a car? Do you need any special tools?

The belts are almost due to be replaced but not quite to the point where I’m worried about them breaking so I’m asking now… how hard is it to do? I’m fairly mechanically inclined but I’ve never done this before specifically. Is it worth the $140+ for the repair shop to do it worth it than doing it myself?

When I ask about Special Tools, what all would be needed? I have the typical wrenches, socket wrenches, etc. so I’m not sure if I would need to buy new tools for it or not.
I should also add the question if it’s more difficult for any of the belts than the other… it’s been almost 5 years since we got the car and we don’t use it as much as the manufacturer assumes.
It’s an ’02 Alero and the question applies to all of the belts around the engine area. Are some "easy enough" that I can do them on my own and any of them too hard for a novice to do?

Google belt change for your particular model/year/make. you will most likely find an autowhiz or similar youtube video that will walk you through the whole process. I have done this for most basic repairs on all my vehicles. Or buy a Haynes or Chilton manual for your car. they are less than $30.00 and cover just about everything you need to know about fixing your car

Safety concerns for a potential helicopter pilot?

I’m thinking about doing this as a profession, but I want to try it out first, so I scheduled a demo flight.

What really makes me nervous is not in my motor skills and ability to pick it up quickly, but the fact that the instructor I was just talking to didn’t want to hear my concerns about safety. I asked for the more experienced pilot and he seemed insulted. He said "We’re all experienced. It’s like you’re asking about the difference between a driver that’s driven for 9 years and a driver whose driven for 12 years. The driver whose driven for 9 years may actually be a better driver". True, but all other things equal, the pilot with more experience will probably be more likely to correct my mess-ups and avoid a crash!!!!!. The fact that the dude I just talked to kind of disregarded my concerns is a problem for me. I want to fly helicopters for a living, but I don’t think I’ll be able to do that if I’m dead. I will feel way more comfortable sitting next to someone that has 900 hours flight time in the squirrelly R22 than someone who has 200 hours!!! How realistic is it to demand the more experienced instructors at the flight school I choose to attend?

It’s natural to want to fly with a more experienced pilot, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Since it is your money you have a right to request a more experienced instructor. If the school is a reputable one, they will respect that. However, most flight schools also have an obligation to see that all their instructors get an equal amount of work. Most instructors are not salaried, they are paid by the flight hour (most are only paid 1/3 to 1/2 the rate that the school charges you, by the way). At most flight schools, the least experienced instructors get most of the the primary students, and a more experienced instructor / or the chief instructor will give periodic evaluations and work with advanced flight students.

Even though one instructor might have more experience than another, they must all teach the same things pretty much the same way, and it is the chief flight instructor’s job to see that everyone teaches to the same standard. The aviation regulations are very specific about what must be taught and how it is taught. Even a brand new instructor can teach you to fly safely and "properly", especially if overseen by an experienced instructor (most are). The main advantage is that a more experienced instructor is usually a more efficient teacher and better at spotting and correcting common student errors.

However, do not equate lower experience with incompetence. In fact, while many highly experienced pilots are "good sticks", not very many are good at teaching. I’ve known some low time pilots who had a gift for teaching that the grizzled veterans with thousands of hours simply never had and never will have. A lot of flight hours is not the measure of a good flight instructor. Teaching is an art and skill that some people have and most don’t. Evaluate the teacher, not the number of hours they have logged.

Also, new flight instructors tend to be more cautious with students, and they are often less bored with the task of teaching. A more experienced instructor might have become bored with teaching and might not have his / her heart in it any more. It’s pretty common. A more experienced instructor will often also allow a student to get a little closer to the edge, which can be both a good thing and a bad thing. There’s a fine line between letting a student screw up, which is very useful as a teaching tool, and letting a student get so out of hand they cause an accident. Statistically, it is the instructors with moderate experience (500 to 2000 hours) that have the most student accidents, not new instructors. FACT. Look it up.

If you want the safest training, find an instructor with 5,000+ hours. Unfortunately, most of them are out working "real" flying jobs and earning decent pay instead of pandering to a whiny, demanding student for a pittance of a paycheck. Insulted by that? Oh well.

Good luck.

p.s. if you want the best training, man-up, join the Army, and apply for Warrant Officer school and helicopter flight training.

how did the industrial revolution, the enlightenment, and imperialism combine to create the modern world?

How did the industrial revolution, the enlightenment and imperialism cause negative changes that led to how our world is like today?

This a pretty loaded question so forgive me if I add too much detail.

The Industrial Revolution had generally positive effects on life, such as more efficient water lines, access to steam power, and the use of more complex machinery. However, such changes did allow for the people at the bottom of the economic pyramid to experience decreased standards of living according to the current academic consensus.

The enlightenment is a tough one, simply because you’re asking for the negative effects of it. I honestly can’t think of anything worth noting that had negative effects on the world that came out of the enlightenment. The enlightenment encouraged the use of human intellect, reason, the scientific method, and general skepticism. I suppose the only negative effects of such things are the violent reactions from those who choose to engage in superstition rather than science. For instance, the destruction of Joseph Priestly’s laboratory by a violent crowd.

Imperialism is the easiest of the three. First off, imperialism refers to the domination of land and cultures through use of force and subordination. An example of a once-imperialist nation was Great Britain in the 18th century. Britain expanded its reach incredibly far. It had an essentially free society but its military ruthlessly slaughtered innocent people in India. A more modern example of an imperialist nation is America. America since the end of the second world war had been extremely dictatorial to other nations and imperialistic in its actions. So for instance we can look at U.S. war crimes in Nicaragua, Guatemala, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, many African countries, and also at the power and influence we have over sovereign nations such as Britain, France, Canada, Israel, South Korea, etc. The U.S., under the guise of ‘spreading democracy’, intervenes in developing third world countries and makes sure that democracy is not implemented at all costs. We remove the current regime and make sure that a new, but just as brutal, regime is installed. We also have killed thousands of innocent men, women, and children through the use of drone strikes. All of this causes mass poverty, tyranny, death, destruction, and the stagnation of human progress around the world.

TIG Welding Special Tools

Modifying snap ring pliers to make Special Tools. The knurled jaws are made from 4140 steel and the pliers are most likely 1045 steel. I used inconel 82 for filler rod because I have welded lots of tool steel with it and because I have plenty that I bought for scrap. Otherwise, if I had to buy rod for this job, I would have used 309 or 312 stainless rod.

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