How difficult is it to Change break pads on a 03 jetta. Do you need specials tools?

I’m pretty handy and have changed breakpads on my honda but have just bought a 03 jetta and would like to work on that also. How difficult is it, what special tools are needed,and what are cost of rotors? Also how do you do it?

basically the same as any car,no Special Tools needed..

Is there a solvent I can soak dirty tools in to clean them?

I have old gummed up, rusty, oily, dirty tools that I’d like to clean. Do they make some sort of liquid I can soak them in to remove all of that without eating away or messing with the integrity of my tools?

Get paint thinner from the hardware store. It is the closest thing to the solvent used in Safety-Clean parts washers.

How did the Industrial Revolution impact American society economically, socially, politically, and morally?

I’m suppose to write an essay in History about industrial revolution but I’m not sure how it impacted society. Help please?

The United States originally used horse-powered machinery to power its earliest factories, but eventually switched to water power, with the consequence that industrialisation was essentially limited to New England and the rest of the Northeastern United States, where fast-moving rivers were located. Horse-drawn production proved to be economically challenging and a more difficult alternative to the newer water-powered production lines. However, the raw materials (cotton) came from the Southern United States. It was not until after the Civil War in the 1860s that steam-powered manufacturing overtook water-powered manufacturing, allowing the industry to fully spread across the nation.