How to remove a bolt in axle shaft WITHOUT any special tools—Do it yourself

Heres a short tutorial on how to remove a bolt in axle shaft from a rear end without the need of a slide hammer or any kind of special pullers.The rear end shown in this video is a DANA 35 in a Jeep Cherokee. Ford 9 inch rearends are similar. PLEASE NOTE*** If your axle flange DOESNT have the access hole to remove the bolts as shown in this video…The rearend is likely a C Clip rearend and this method WILL NOT work,and the diff cover will need to be removed to access the C clips.

Duration : 0:4:10

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New TxDOT Safety Traffic Tools to Increase Safety for Motorists & Highway Construction Workers

With safety being the top priority at the Texas Department of Transportation, the agency is raising awareness of three new tools designed to help reduce crashes, fatalities and injuries on Texas roadways. The Safety Tools — Automated Flagger Assistance Devices (AFADs), temporary rumble strips and flashing-yellow, left-turn arrows — are now being used in Texas and will see expanded service throughout the state in the coming months. Video of these features is provided here.

Duration : 0:6:7

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25″ x 160″ Lion Lathe at Industrial Machinery

25″ x 160″ Lion Lathe video demonstration at Industrial Machinery. Call 614-464-4376 with questions. Or visit online at Buy or sell new and used machinery at Industrial Machinery.

Duration : 0:3:13

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