What special tools will I need if I want to install a new piston kit?

Will I need a Special Tools for the head bolts and to place the head over the new piston and rings once installed?

When you do a top end rebuild it is essential that you replace all
the gaskets with new ones.You should be able to get them as a
kit from your motorcycle parts dealer.The only essential tool you
will need is a torque wrench to make sure you get even pressure
when you pull the head gasket down.The only other problems
you may encounter is fitting the new piston rings over the new
piston as they are very brittle and also removing the gudgeon pin
from the old piston so that you can fit to the new one.

How many of you think a filed course for hunters safety is a good idea?

Even though it is not required in texas i think that a Field course in addition to the regular hunting safety course is a good idea. Exposing new hunters to potentially bad situations in a controlled environment think would reduce the chances of bad situations getting worse in the field.

Mine had a game warden station, belligerent hunter, bad shots, etc..

What do yall think?
@lana- you are right in that it would be a huge headache I was just lucky in that mine was at a local gun club.
@lana and Staap it. I see both of your points about the places necessary to hold such a course. How about a video at least showing each of these that way minimal resources are consumed and the video can be played over and over? I also understand each state has different regulations so 50 different videos will have to be made but that is a lot less resource consuming than a full field day course.

Lana has a very good point. I used to be one who ran the classes for Hunter Safety Course Instructors in our state. Making it difficult for new hunters to comply with and receive a first time hunting license is not what anyone wanted to do.

I ABSOLUTELY agree, the courses are lacking in many areas. But, think how many hunting trips it took you as a new hunter to learn all you needed. A week long, month long course would simply be a detriment to most new hunters. Though I wish we could start them out at that level.

Unfortunately, we have to stick only to basics. Safe gun handling practices, how to hunt with others while afield, and the states certainly like their regulations of course. Much time has to be spent on these areas alone.

This IS very important stuff, especially with so many kids not being able to learn from hunting with Dad as we did. I think it is important, and we should as sportsmen be willing to and spend some time helping new hunters learn. This is our heritage, this is certainly one thing I would like to pass along to others growing up. I sir, am simply not wise enough to be able to explain how we could do it. This would be well worth some thought.

Additional : Yes, sir, I think that would be a great idea. At one time the NRA had some VHS tapes I had used in conjunction with some courses. They had one that was amazing to go with the Eddie Eagle Course for kids. It would be very simple to format the scenarios depicted, as teaching tools. And with DVD could even be interactive to provide choices of the next lessons direction. Kind of a go, no go, thing. Answer this way would take you into this direction, and if answered differently takes you to this demonstration. Making it possible to use the lessons repeatably in leisure time I believe these would get allot of review. Much like these modern video games. Make it interactive, and I believe that would cause some additional viewing just to experiment with the way the DVD works. To design it would simply be as a tree format or an outline. Following this branch takes you to the next part of the course. That sir would be a very good idea you have.

What were the Factory conditions like in the industrial revolution?

What were working conditions like in britian? During the industrial revolution and how the became better? Thanks in advance

Hi again,

-The factories were very hot
-Poor ventilation meant it was hard to breath
-No safety precautions, workers were often injured or hurt
-cramped conditions and being bent over all the time lead to deformations
-12-14 hours of work a day
-No clocks allowed, no idea of time
-employers hired men to beat workers not doing good job
-Due to fibres in air, many people got lung disease
-Kids and women employed because they are smaller and get less pay
-Kids crawled under machinery to get rubbish they were called scavengers
-Kids mended the spinning machines while they were still on
-Workers often hurt, a lot!!!!!
-In mines, it was hard
-Kids employed to sit in the dark as ventilation openers, men miners, women haulers

It changed with workers trying to get rights, the establishment of unions ect….

PC_TV – Indispensables #3 – Internet Safety Tools

Nizar and Jared recommends a few of the most useful Internet Safety Tools for your computer.

Links mentioned:
Microsoft Internet Scanner: http://www.safety.live.com
Malware Bytes: http://www.malwarebytes.org
Hijack This: http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/hjt
Tor: http://www.torproject.org

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Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/pctvchannel44
Facebook: http://www.tinyurl.com/pctv44

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Used Gorton Vertical Mill video demo at Industrial Machinery.

Video demonstrations by Industrial Machinery Call 614-464-4376 if you have questions about this machine or any others you wish to buy or sell. Located in Columbus, Ohio since 1936 we service machinist and manufacturers across the United States and also provide Machinery repair parts and accessories.

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