Is there a printable file that has various city street lights and street signs and safety symbols?

Is there a template or a program that can be incorporated into Microsoft Word to print out various street signs and symbols and safety symbols for my project?

Please select Insert menu, and choose clip art or pictures. There if you click organise clip, it will show the available clips variety wise, like festivals, emotions. You could add to it by selecting clips on line in the clip art box, listing folders of microsoft example. Then go to tools and click on line in Tools menu, go to microsoft online, it automatically goes there ,There you could select and add to clips to a new folder and then using insert menu you go to the folders where you saved your files and click to add to your word files, like any other documents. You could choose, by search for street signs in the browser search, select what you need and insert ok. The sign pattern and symbols are unique identification and hence i did not prescribe the websites but the procedure to add any symbols in word 2007.Locate insert menu differently for ms word 2003