how to stretch a printed canvas over a frame without special tools?

i have been commissioned to do a few canvas prints, ive built my frame, and ive glued it all together, now i need to know a good method of stretching it nicely, i have no Special Tools, i have a hammer, staples, and pins. or a link to video or other method without tools would be grand

If you have a ‘kung fu’ grip it is possible to stretch it by hand but you need a certain amount of excess slack. Staples or a staple gun?- Staionary(paper) staples won’t hold. If not you’d need at least carpet tacks(old fashioned way and they oxidize a bit eventually). Start in a cross formation or N,S E,W across from each other then work to the edges always juxtaposed to the staple you just enabled.

How do I get the machinery for a factory I want to open up?

So if I want to open up a business of some kind and produce a product (it can be anything from canned soup and stew to, chocolate covered fruits, to even beer or non consumable products). Where do I get the machinery for my factory? Where do I get the cans to put the soup in, and who do I contact? Where do I get started?

Perhaps if you are asking those questions you are not ready to get involved in this industry.

However I like to encourage people to follow their dreams.

First of all, if you are have unique products that you want to package and sell, perhaps the place to start is not a factory. You will be looking at a huge capital investment to get all the equipment. You probably could get a lot the equipment second hand. You would also have to register and make sure your business is compliant for food handling etc.

You may be better off starting by finding a company that would be prepared to do the packaging for you. You would be looking at smaller canneries who have some spare capacity.

Sure your profits may end up smaller but your risks are lower. Basically you would only need to pay for the setup costs and the first batch. If you run your own factory you probably have huge debt which could tie your business down.

The smallest you could start is home packaging (people make jams or chutneys and sell in markets) before moving to a more industrial scale.