Would keeping a tool in my car help incase of an emergency?

If i kept a hammer in the front glove compartment, would it be of any use if i got into an accident and got stuck in the car? What tool would actually help?
hey chris, do u reckon they sell that in asia? cuz im currently residing in singapore and we dont gave that tool here and i dont wanna spend money on shipment and what not. Looks kinda small though. is it really that good?

if you mean like a construction hammer, then… maybe a little, but there’s better options. If you mean a safety hammer that’s used to shatter the glass in the event your car is sinking, then it wouldn’t hurt. just make sure it has the seat belt cutter on the other end (most of them do).

Should You Rebuild or Replace?

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It’s a good question. When faced with having to replace one of the major hard parts on your vehicle such as an engine or transmission you need to ask yourself this question. There are a lot of things to consider for sure. One thing I think is often overlooked when considering rebuilding is the cost of outsourcing machining work or buying Special Tools to do the work. If you’re only going to use these tools once is it really worth it. Also, you need to figure in your time. Time is just as valuable as money and if you eat up a bunch of it doing a rebuild then you may loose out in the end. On the other hand if parts are expensive or your hard part isn’t available you need to take that into consideration as well. So the question to you is, Should You Rebuild or Replace? I’d love to hear about your thoughts and experiences on this one.

Here are some links to videos mentioned and shown in the video.

Dodge engine replacement (Part 1): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oc3zSgEA8Jk

Tahoe engine replacement (Part 1): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMkqWMvcdiQ

Civic engine replacement (Part 1): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Me9w6aIqJ48

Auto transmission dissection (Part 1): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JGbsgpp2YJQ&feature=youtu.be

How Oil PSI works: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8f2fcbTh5yw

Torquing Head Bolts: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5WHBskK_F3o

Discussion about this video: https://www.ericthecarguy.com/kunena/17-ETCG1-Video-Discussions/43610-should-you-rebuild-or-replace#50662

Stay Dirty


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Climbing Tools: Rap Safety- Part 3- Belay Device/prussik

Well we are now hooking up the rap device and a prussik back-up. Hooking up your rap device is one place where things can really go wrong, Be sure to do it right and double check everything twice.

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What are safety issues when it comes to pipe clamps and also maybe making them?

I have to design a water pipe clamp and it’s required to add something about safety in the design process. I’m not sure in what aspect(like in making the clamp or handling it or…) and what could be issues??? Anyone who can help? Thanx

Make sure that there are no sharp edges. And easy to install with minimal tools.


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Selecting your Easy Hollower

Easy Hollower Series
Picking tool sizes and shapes for your hollowing projects.
Progressive Hollowing System made Easy!
Contact Easy Wood Tools at www.easywoodtools.com or 859-246-0294 for more information

Safety Disclaimer:
Easy Wood Tools strives to offer the safest wooturning tools on the market, but you still must follow reasonable safety considerations. Our company recommends the use of full safety equipment when turning wood. Project safety is your responsibility; so please read and understand all material included with your tools and lathe. Use of Jackson Woodworking, LLC dba Easy Wood Tools products, suggestions, parts, supplies and final product is at your own risk. Jackson Woodworking, LLC dba Easy Wood Tools disclaims all responsibility for any resulting damage, injury or expense.
Woodturning can be a fun and very safe hobby for everyone if basic safety guidelines are observed. It is your responsibility to make sure your activities comply with applicable laws, including © and patent, and that you operate your equipment in a safe manner.

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Industrial Jumbo Roll Slitting Rewinder

ZAMBAK KAGIT is carrying out turn key factory installations for producers in paper converting industry those are producing industrial jumbo toilet paper and kitchen towel. ZAMBAK KAGIT is handing over running Industrial Jumbo Roll Slitting Rewinder – Enmotion Paper Towel production lines or machines with edge emboss, micro emboss and lamination units and required equipments to its clients and while operation, all required education is given to employees.

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Necessary Tools Of Your Beauty

People spend a lot of money on their appearance. The right beauty tools on hand can make your look really spectacular. Both women and men have the clothes, accessories, make-up and hair products, and they don’t regret of the tools that make using those elements easier and more effective.

You need the right beauty tools for a really professional-looking make-up. Forget about little freebie brushes and sponges that sometimes come with your make-up. Having a small collection of essential beauty tools will help you to get a great look and to save a pretty sum of money. The price of a good set of professional tools will be a couple hundred dollars.

Brushes. Brushes are among the key tools used by make-up application professionals. If you want to get the best results of make-up, don’t use one and the same brush for all the places on your face. It’s necessary to choose the correct brushes according to your aim.

Foundation – when applying either cream or liquid foundation use a foundation brush to get a great natural finish. First, put a small spot of foundation on the back of your palm and then dip the foundation brush into that and apply the foundation with downward lines spreading out near the jaw and hairline. It’s advisable to use synthetic-bristled brushes, which are less absorbent.

Imperfections and blemishes – use a small-tipped brush for applying the right amount of concealer to cover imperfections of your skin very naturally.

Cheeks – for applying powder blush use a large brush with a dome-shaped head. One brush is good either for blush of bronzer or for a light-as-air coat of translucent face powder for a sheer effect. Professionals advise sable hair.

Eyes – apply cream or powder eye shadows with a sable brush. A dense, angled brush will make the color more vivid. For the top and bottom of your eyelids use supremely fine bristles.

Lips – to define your lips stiff synthetic lip brushes are the best choice.

Also there are some more tools necessary for your beauty. For example, a basic pair of tweezers will rid you of any undesirable facial hairs.

Don’t forget to keep your tools clean and free of bacteria. For a lot of brushes it’s available to use special brush cleaners but you can give your tools a weekly shampooing just as easily.

Alexander Brin

Knitting Tools of the Trade

  Knitting in its simplest form is often described as the looping of a string around two sticks.  When faced with multi-color patterning, intricate stitches or detailed graphs, this seemingly easy craft becomes a more complex activity that can benefit from an innovative tool or two.  Right from the start when the ideas for a new knitting project abound, there are aids to guide you in choices of yarn and color. Color wheels and color selectors, using proven principles of color theory, can steer you through establishing a pleasing color combination of two or many colors. Even though you may pick the perfect geranium pink to match that perfect leaf green, you still must find commercially available yarns of compatible weights in those very colors.  Many yarn retailers offer, at a reasonable cost, sample cards of available yarns in their full color range. Much like selecting paint chips at the hardware store, you are able to see at a glance what colors are available in a particular yarn and how they interact with other colors of that yarn type.

The screwdrivers and wrenches of knitting, the needles, though basic in shape, appear in a variety of materials. Wood and plastic offer comfort to tired hands, while metal needles promise speed.  A luxury class of needles fashioned from ebony or rosewood are advertised as hewn from the remains of prized woods used in the manufacture of musical instruments.  These needles should make your stitches sing. There is also the “heritage“ needle collection of which mine is labelled, due to many being borrowed from my mother’s knitting basket and never returned. A “classic” collection will likely contain a hodgepodge of needles gathered over the years as in mine, which range from a chipped orange metal No. 4’s to green plastic No. 8’s. It’s an odd grouping of materials and colors but favorites are easily recognizable when a certain knitting job comes to mind.

Now any good craft project whether made from wood or wool is only worth its weight when measurements are accurate and consistent. To knitters, the correct gauge must be achieved or every measurement throughout the project will become skewed. With numerous devices available to help accurately measure those all-important numbers of stitches and rows, there is absolutely no excuse for having the wrong gauge. A square gauge frame will force you to line up your knitting with the stitches at right angles to the rows, leaving you to count the numbers between the borders of the frame. Transparent stitch templates will tell you nothing but the truth as you try to match the drawing of the desired stitch gauge to the stitches of your knitted sample. A good tape measure, plastic or cloth, retractable or not, is essential to measure those lengths and widths once you start knitting. 

To see those stitches clearly, use a magnifier lamp clamped to your favorite chair or stood behind the sofa. Try a pair of magnifying flip-up lenses to increase your staying power when working with intricate stitches and dark colors. Don’t forget to prop up that book or pattern on a bookstand to keep your charts and graphs front and center. A line magnifier placed over the chart on a magnetic board will eliminate a lot of twisting and turning in your seat as you lean to squint at those lines. Once you have found your place there are gadgets to keep it.  Stitch markers and row counters mark the spot and giant safety pins put stitches on hold.  

A collection of tools needs a toolbox. Needles should be organized in needle cases, one for the straights and another for circulars, small boxes or bags for the bits and pieces such as stitch markers and measuring devices, and a great big bag or basket to keep it all handy and neat.

Maddy Cranley