how to design nails? like perfect flowers and stripes on them, is there a special tool?

i want to make flowers but i don’t know how…without making it sloppy
what do you use? is there a special tool?
ohhh i don’t want a french manicure yet, im young so i have the rest of my life to have that sophisticated look =) BUUUUT how do you split the nail top so that its exact and perfect?

You can buy nail colour at beauty supply stores that comes with a special brush, that’s a lot thinner. You could probably just buy a brush in the craft section at a store (just get a thin brush) and use your own colour. You can also buy nail polish pens.

You can do a french mani with one of those polish pens and practice, or with a thin brush. You can also use a regular nail polish brush and cover all but the tip of your nail with tape.

What tools would you say should be in every toolbox?

I’m not much of a handyman. I can fix basic things, like pretty much anybody; and I guess I would just muddle through some basic home fixes to save money now that I’m moving out on my own.

I figure it would be a good investment to get a toolbox and some basic tools for basic home repairs. What should I stock it with?

The Essentials…

Vice Grips (the locking pliers)
Sockets and a Ratchet (doesn’t have to be extravagant)
Flat-Head Screwdriver
Phillips-Head Screwdriver
Crescent Wrench Set "sometimes you just need a wrench"
Leather Gloves
Tape, Wire, Glue, Zip-Ties
Utility Knife
Safety Glasses
Tape Measure
Allen Wrench Set

Sooner or Later You’ll Need…

Spark Plug Socket
Socket Extension
Universal Socket Adapter (the extension that can bend)
Short Screwdrivers
Wire Cutters
Wire Brush
Spare Screws, Nuts, and Bolts
Magnet on a Stick

…Power Tools Not Included

Which is the best industrial supplies company in Texas?

I am about to start a manufacturing business. I would need a long list of industrial supplies and packaging related products.

I am wondering if I could get most of these products deal with a wholesale distributor who could supply most of the industrial supplies where I don’t have to buy things from multiple companies.

Can somebody help me direct to the right company that may cater most of my industrial supplies needs?

Hi John,

Hillas Packaging is one of the best industrial and shipping supplies company based in Fort Worth,TX. They have a complete line of Packaging supplies and machinery items at a very competitve prices. you can get all of industrial supplies at one stop. Hillas also deliver locally.They are Premier distributor of 3M Company. Hillas Packaging has total 13 web stores. Here are the links to websites.

She’s stealing my rental car!

Lets talk on FaceBook –

Well, this damned truck has died again and it’s back to work tomorrow. I have to work both Saturday & Sunday, then I’ll be spending my New Years holidays working on this P.O.S. because it’s sold and I don’t really have a choice.

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Belt Sander Tips

George Vondriska shows us some great tips when using the belt sander. A WoodWorkers Guild of America (WWGOA) original video. For more woodworking videos, please visit!

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KOLBUS. – Industrial Book Production

KOLBUS. The Media Convergence Professionals ‐ Digital photography meets
photobook. KOLBUS demonstrated the possibilities of processing digitally
printed materials on conventional machines for industrial book production.
The demonstration included processing loose individual pages to form a book
block as well as manufacturing cases and hardcover books with straight spines,
including format changing. KOLBUS develops, manufactures and markets
machines and machine lines for industrial book and perfect bound brochure

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How do I pull the electric clutch on a 1972 Wheel Horse with a 14hp. Kohler engine do I need a special tool ?

Electric clutch is bad on my 1972 Wheel Horse it has a 14 hp kohler engine can’t seem to find anybody that will give me any information on how it’s done or if I need a special tool and if so where to find one

no you shouldn’t need any Special Tools at all, usually it will take a 5/8 socket to remove the bolt that holds the clutch on. Then just remove belt unplug the clutch and it should come right off, plus you might have to remove some guards.

What is the best packaging for tools for woman?

Considering where the tools might be stored in the home

All my girls have their own tool boxes, with a complete set of tools, which we are adding to all the time, lol.

You can buy the ‘mini’ home sets if thats what you want… and a lot of ladies like the pinks and such…. but I go ahead and buy name brand tools, because I expect them to take these tools with them, and use them for life. There is no reason why a woman should not own a good set of tools, and know how to use them.

I recommend Stanley, Craftsman, Vermont American, Kohler, etc. Look especially for tools with a lifetime warranty on them, and get them sized to fit, so they are comfortable to use. Obviously, you dont want a 22 oz hammer, just to drive a few picture hangers in the walls…a 16 oz, or even 12 oz will do just fine for that. Get a full set of screwdrivers, at least 2 sizes of adjustable wrenches, 2 or 3 different pairs of pliers, utility knife, a 16 ft tape measure (with a locking blade), torpedo level (9") or 12" combination square/level, flat prybar (Stanley WonderBar is a good one), safety glasses, flashlight, and gloves. With that set of tools, you can tackle most small projects around the home. Add Special Tools as you need them.

My girls all use about a 12" heavy plastic toolbox, right now… they won’t rust, and since they are not getting carried around a lot, are plenty sturdy. If they were lugging them around like I was, for service calls on the road, then I’d have them all in metal tool boxes.

Hehhehe…. a roll of good heavy duct tape is always a handy item to have in a tool box too….

Have Fun!

What were the political consequences of the Industrial Revolution?

What were these consequences in theoretical politics and pragmatically?

In what ways were the lives of average Europeans changed by the Industrial Revolution?

Child "Slavery"! With the advent of the factory, children would be used to help operate machinery that adults couldn’t. The children would be paid very little and the risk of injury was very high, as most factories were not safe places for the average worker. Most poor families would send their children to work in the factories to help with the family income.

Plus, the Industrial Revolution helped to increase transportation with the creation of the railroads and steam-ships, eventually it would lead to the invention of cars. The revolution in transport-capability would soon lead to factories receiving workers and materials from all over a nation and also shipping its goods all over a nation as well.

However, the Industrial Revolution also aided the quick transportation of troops, demonstrated in the 1870-1871 Franco-Prussian War, where the Germans were able to mobilize much of their forces quickly and send them to the French border. Many industrialized nations were able to field hundreds of thousands of troops, some even to the millions, due to the transportation ability and the improved weapons production capability from industrialization.

Is there a special tool to open the radiator drain cock on a 02 Saturn SL1?

Is there a special tool to open the radiator drain cock on a 02 Saturn SL1?

Does it even have one? I seem to remember reading that some of the newer vehicles don’t have one, you have to take the lower hose loose to drain the fluid?