Fix It Right! – Front Hub Bearing Replacement

Fix It Right! – Front Hub Bearing Replacement (S1E3)
Demonstrated on a 2004 Kia Sedona FWD.

In this video, we demonstrate how to perform a hub bearing replacement on a front-wheel-drive minivan, in this case a 2004 Kia Sedona.

This repair task requires Special Tools and/or equipment.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please read the disclaimer text at the start of the video before attempting anything shown therein. Take your time, take care, and be safe!

About the “Fix It Right!” video series:

“Fix It Right!” is a series of how-to videos intended to give do-it-yourselfers basic instructions on proper vehicle repair and maintenance. All of our videos show real repairs being performed on real vehicles by real technicians in a real auto shop. (Repairs are filmed and shown with the permission of the vehicles’ owners.) Although there may be more than one way to perform any particular repair (and in many cases there are lots of ways!) we try to focus on the methods that will be safest and most expedient for DIYers with limited access to tooling and equipment.

We will also occasionally be showing repair processes that are too complex or dangerous for DIY, or require specialized tooling, expertise, equipment, and/or certifications. Those episodes will highlight the importance of hiring a professional auto technician for tasks that are not DIY-friendly, and demonstrate why such tasks are best left to professionals.

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Machine Guarding Training Video

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This course covers the importance of having industrial machine hazards properly guarded and protected against. This course is aligned with OSHA General Industry standards and industry best practices. It is meant to be used as an introductory or refresher course for general industry workers who will be operating or working near Industrial Machinery.

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Do I need a special tool to remove the stock bearing in a YoYoJam Yoyo?

I have both the Dark Magic and the Mini Motu.
I would like to remove the stock bearings and upgrade to concave ceramic ones.
However, the bearings do not come out of the yoyo(s) like the ones in my non YYJ yoyos.
There is a special tool for about $15 for removing bearings.
It this tool absolutely necessary?
If not, then how may I safely remove the bearings with ruining them?

Ah, okay. Yo-yo jam made their yo-yos like this on purpose, so you will not lose your bearing as easily, and there would be no spacers to deal with. With the stock bearing, can you get it off by hand? It is possible, but really hard. The tool isn’t needed. get a pliers and pull really hard on the axle. It should come off. Now, when removing your ceramic one, depending on sensativity and fragileness, I may not use the pliers. The tool is just to make your life easier.

How do I start a Health and Safety Consultation business?

Hey, I am a professional Health and Safety Manager for a very large organization and I wanted to start my own Safety consultation (OSHA based) business on the side. Where do I even begin?

visit the business link site as they offer this type of advice but for a starter…
1) talk to an accountant to decide if you should be ltd or sole trader – also for VAT registration (recommended)
2) develop a business plan identifying markets and products/ services
3) source public and professional indemnity insurance
4) develop a web strategy for marketing and self promotion
5) write articles to get yourself known in the market

loads more ideas but all the above needs to be done first…
use tools Like SWOT and PESTLE to help position yourself

good luck

How did Richard Arkwright contribute to the industrial revolution?

How did Richard Arkwright contribute to the industrial revolution? And how specifically did he contribute to the Industrial Revolution with water frame?

Sir Richard Arkwright (1732 – 1792) was an English inventor & industrialist who, probably with the assistance of others, developed the first practical way of spinning using rollers, which he patented in 1769. At first, these machines were powered by animals then, at Cromford, Derbyshire, by water (1771) and, finally, by steam. (Incidentally, the mill at Cromford is still standing, I’ve actually seen it). Arkwright invented, or introduced, machinery to carry out the remaining preparatory processes. His mill at Cromford was one of the wonders of the age, resulting in his being one of the first "capitalists" of the Industrial Revolution. Most reference books would suggest that Arkwright "pirated" rather than invented the water frame which could spin coarse but strong thread and be driven by water power. A water frame was basically a water powered spinning wheel. His work was superceded by that of Samuel Crompton who, along with his wife, invented and, with the help of a £5000 grant from parliament in recognition of his efforts, eventually had 4 million spindles producing yarn on his "mules." This was like having 4 million women on 4 million spinning wheels – only faster.

Is there a special tool to remove spark plugs on a 2003 expedition when only the threads come off?

I have a 2003 expedition and only the metal threads of the spark plug come off. Is there a special tool to remove or pull out the ceramic part?

There is but I’m not sure what it’s called. I had that happen to my 99 Volvo and was able to take a small metal stick (it was part of an old antenna) and put some duct tape on it, and was able to press the duct tape against the plug with the stick and pull it right out. A wire coat hanger might do the trick, you could even use it like tongs to grab it and pull it out.

Good luck

What safety measures should be taken at the time of construction of a 12 storied building?

How can 100% safety of such a construction site can be guaranteed so that nobody falls from the rooftop or even if one falls can be saved before reaching the ground?And how can falling of construction materials such as bricks ,woods etc on passers by can be completely avoided?Civil Engineers,plz come forward to reply.Thanks.
Mike:Can scaffolding give a protection against falling?You have mentioned ‘barriers at the edges’.How can these barriers be given?Can u name a few materials?

Well you can never guarantee 100% safety simply because you can’t account for stupidity… But to make it as safe as possible, before you even start you would want to select a contractor with a robust health and safety policy and a good safety track record in constructing similar structures. Then you would want a method statement and risk assessment to demonstrate how your particular building is to be constructed and to show that the contractor has identified all the risks. With regard to working at height, your workers will need to be properly trained for such work. Fall protection is a must – hard barriers should be placed around the edge. Workers near the edge should be tied off 100% of the time, preferably with self-retracting lifelines, and should be supervised at all times. Falling objects can be avoided by placing toe-boards and/or netting around the edge. Loose materials should be kept in proper bags or containers. Tools should be fitted with lanyards and tied off to suitable anchorage points. Finally to protect passers-by you should preferably implement an exclusion zone. If that’s not possible then install a crash deck to catch any falling objects before they hit the ground (or someone passing by).
That’s a brief summary and I’m sure there are some things I’ve missed, nevertheless it should give you some ideas as to what is required.
Yes, in my experience scaffolding is the most common type of edge protection. You could fix the uprights to the steel beams/columns and run scaffold tubing as handrails and knee-rails, with scaffold boards as toe boards

How to make an electric motor from the Industrial Revolution?

I have to make an electric motor from the Industrial Revolution. I already have some wood I can use, but what other things can I put together out of home items like strings and such. I was going to use metal but I dont have a lot I could actually use. Thanks in advance :-)

Machinery of the industrial revolution was driven by steam engines and water wheels, not electric motors. The industrial revolution was over by the time electric motors began to be seriously used in industry.

Docm77´s Minecraft Special: XP – Farming

In this video, I show you two alternative ways to farm xp which then can be used to enchant weapons, armor and tools.

XP-Farming Test World Download:

Drop Damage Testing by Roboticaust:


Background music:


Song title: Docm´s Theme

CHAOSCLUB22 and red3yz gave me exclusive world wide rights to use their music for my videos. The tracks you hear in the the video, were done exclusively for me. They are original songs and not a remixes. Feel free to contact CHAOSCLUB22 or red3yz for further info or colaboration requests.

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