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Our fully automatic Chapati making machines help in making home-like chapatis in most hygienic manner Dough just needs to be fed into the hooper and at the outlet you get cooked chapatis. Apart from this no oil is required for the preparation of chapatis. Thus, our Chapati making machines offer oil free chapatis at economical prices.

Our chapati making machine is not of die type. The machine actually first make the peda or small ball of dough, then roll it from the both side to make the chapati shape. The machine is not of peda pressing type.


•Simple, rugged and very compact design requires no special skills to operate.
•The machine follows our traditional Chapati making process (peda making-rolling-baking on both side & puffing); so the Chapati produced are soft & tasty.
•Uses L.P.G. for heating & Temperature is automatically maintained, giving consistent quality.
•All parts coming in contact with Dough and Chapati are made of Food grade Stainless Steel 304.
•Parts which need cleaning can be opened and reassembled quickly.
•Weight, size, thickness and browning on each side of Chapati can be adjusted easily.


Fully automatic, compact, single unit machine to produce home-like chapatis in most hygienic way Best suited for Industrial Canteens, Langars, Hospitals, Hostels, Railways & Defence Establishments.



M/s Sunrise Industries,
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Patiala-147001, Punjab

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Easy tire fix with no special tools

I had a leaky bead due to mud and grit getting between the tire’s bead and the rim of my wheel while aired down off road. I haven’t had any problems with it since so this definitely did the trick. Feel free to comment here or contact me at with any questions.

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no tool cdp2 Kimber Ultra CDP II

This is my first vid. Its not easy. I wanted to show some tips and tricks I have learned with my Kimber Ultra CDP II.****** First trick***** is why the slide hangs up on the frame. it has to do with the Fire pin block. It is deactivated with the grip safety. Make sure you are not depressing the grip safety while sliding off the slide.******Second Trick****** take out the barrel and guide rod main spring with NO TOOLS!!!!

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Pellet Mill, Pellet Press, Pellet Machine, Wood Pellet Mill, Biomass Pellets.

Pellet mill is a kind of the molding machinery which can make material into specific shape. It is widely used in chemical, petrochemical industry, pharmacy, food, building materials, mining and metallurgy, environmental protection, printing and dyeing, ceramics, rubber, plastic, and so on. As it has developed, we also call pellet mill as pelletizer or pellet machine, many different kinds of raw materials can be used to make pellets. Since energy consumption has been increased at an extremely high speed especially in recent decades, the energy crisis is rose to an unprecedented level with the rapid development of economy. Biomass is cansidered as the only kind of renewable energy that is inexhaustible, biomass fuel particles, which is production of biomass curing technology, has been widely used for the field of industrial combustion and domestic heating, etc. Pellet making machine, as the ideal model of processing biomass pellet fuel, arises at the historic moment. Since wood pellet machine can produce the most flammable wood pellet fuel, wood pellet mill maybe one the most popular pelletizing machines in the market today. Feed pellet press is becoming popular as the development of livestock breeding industry. Pelleting machine is a single pellet maker, it can produce granules itself, and there is also pellet plant which contains some related machines, the pellet plant can produce granules in large quantities, small pellet mill is available, and it is suitable for home use.

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KLR 650 Doohickey Upgrade

Kawasaki KLR 650 Doohicky (Idle Balancer Tension Spring) upgrade on a 2009 at 6500 miles. I use special tools that make the job much easier. I got my Doohickey at Happy-Trails, made by Eagle Mike. The Special Tools: 1 & 1/4 inch bent wrench and 22×1.5 bolt with a small head were borrowed from friends & would’ve made the job much harder without the special tools.

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The Tools You Need for Leatherwork! [HD]

If you have found the collection of leatherwork videos helpful and would like to send me a small donation there are details on how you can do so as well as info on the videos here:

This video shows you the basic tools that I think you need to start leatherwork and make a neat job of it! Some people would argue that you don’t need some of this but if you cut corners you’ll make second rate items in my opinion.

Here are the items from the video that you will need (in the UK I recommend you buy from either Le Prevo or The Identity Store):

Cutting Tools

* Knives
* Safety ruler
* Non metallic hammer/hide mallet/wooden mallet
* Glue (contact adhesive such as Evostick Timebond)
* V-gouge
* Hole punches (hammer tools not a rotating one unless you’re only using very thin leather)
* NOT IN VIDEO — a skiver or safety bevelled for thinning down leather


* Stitch groovers (parallel and freehand)
* Overstitch wheels (numbers 5 and 6 should cover most items)
* Diamond awl blade and handle
* Saddlery needles (sizes 2 and 3)
* Thread (either 18/3 linen thread or pre-waxed nylon thread)
* Beeswax
* Needle nose pliers

Edge Finishing

* Edge bevellers (sizes 1-3 are most useful, but at least a 3)
* Bone folder
* Edge slicker
* Sandpaper or Dremel

Dyes and Finishes

* Dye (I recommend Fiebings Professional Oil Dye)
* Wool daubers
* Carnauba cream
* Gum tragacanth
* Tan kote
* Leather sheen or other finish
* NOT IN VIDEO — some neatsfoot oil to replenish dry leather and make it supple

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call 860 796 0230 Industrial Machinery, INDUSTRIAL MACHINE

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How to remove a car radio without special tools e.g. sony cdx-R3350

How to remove your car stereo. Well it is not that hard if you have right tools. There are many radios which you can remove by just a metal wire, but if you have mine type, you can just use two thin steel knifes, and yeah if with them it is not enough you will have to use pliers as well.

Yeah in video you can see Sony Xplod cdx R3350 radio, it is my Honda Accord cc7 1993 V

If you have any questions about wiring or what ever just let me know and I ll try to help u out!

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How-To Build a Skatepark – Hubba Part 4: Skatelite/Masonite – Manual Labor

Professional skatepark builder, Jona Owings, from Hazard County, GA teaches you how to build everything you want to ride! Get some southern style instruction every Sunday.

In this episode, Jona shows you to install the Masonite or Skatelite onto the skatepark’s hubba.

DISCLAIMER: Power tools can be dangerous and should never be used without adult supervision. And always remember to use safety goggles when operating power tools.

Marti Amado

Jeremy Sherman

Terry Devine-King, Ray Duffy
“Banjos at Dawn”

Subscribe to Ride:
instagram @ridechannel

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14″ x 19″ Magna Cut Horizontal Bandsaw Model 360HDP

Industrial Machinery video demonstration of the Magna Cut Metal Cutting Horizontal Band Saw. Call 614-464-4376 for more information on new horizontal bandsaws for sale.

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