How to Make Perfect Open Spirals

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There are many tutorials out there for making open spirals with wires. The problem with those techniques is to make them evenly and the same each time. That’s not an easy task and it takes alot of practice.

After remembering something I’ve used in my childhood, I had developed this new technique of how to make open spirals evenly and of the same size over and over again. No need for Special Tools here, just the usual jewelry making pliers would do.

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lesson on welding thin steel,

Demonstrating the use of alloyed steels,as a heat sink, to prevent distortion and burning thru,
when welding panel steel or thin materials.

Videos are for reference and entertainment only: Even tho they are based on step by step guide – If you attempt a repair like the one seen in this video please use the proper safety equipment,

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Dentist Special Tools for Children or Kids | Cullen’s Abc’s

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Cullen’s Abc’s and StarSmilez are partnering together to help develop good oral health habits in toddlers and children. You can go to StarSmilez site to learn more about them, or visit us in to use our Oral Health Preschool Theme for free!

This video is in honor and memory of Dr. Stephen Keller 1965 to 2011. We love you “Dr. Hollywood!”

You can find more children or kids health video over at
This video is in honor and memory of Dr. Stephen Keller 1965 to 2011. We love you “Dr. Hollywood!”

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Toolmaking – Forge Your Knife

This resource will show you how to make your own knife from a steel car coil spring. You will need quite a bit of equipment for this including necessary safety gear and a suitable workshop area. See the materials list of tools.
A note on Safety-
Safety is really important when working with metal, heat, power tools and hammers etc. Take extreme care, make sure you know how to use the tools correctly, do wear the safety equipment mentioned and take your time. If you have long hair, tie it up. More details on our online newsletter here:
This is one of the programs available to our students at The Learning Connexion School of Art and Creativity. We have an onsite video production department which creates resources for students. Students who are studying onsite at our Taita campus can check these out via our DVD library. Students studying from home receive programs like this on DVDs as part of their programme. We’re constantly creating new material that covers techniques, ideas about creativity, and profiles about artists.

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ice cream filling machine-ice cream fillier-industrial ice cream machine

Ice cream filling machine, linear ice cream filling machine, rotary ice cream filling machine. is ice cream solutions provider. Supplid many different industrial ice cream machinery to the world wide. welcome to contact us by or, the video just one of our the latest technical ice cream machinery.

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Increase Tools Storage Space With a Cheap Carport

Every man could use more of a storage space for his tools. Whether you are the handyman type, carpenter type, automotive buff or simply your average Joe, you could always use more storage space for your tools. And more times than not, all these tools end up in the family garage. While that may be acceptable as a temporary solution, sooner or later your garage gets cluttered with a lot of these tools. In addition to the two automobiles that may be parked in the garage along with the other items that lie there such as garden tools and such, the garage usually gets cluterred, disorganized and the tools get strewn all over the place. In addition to being an eyesore and a problem when it comes to finding the correct tools, such a level of disorganization can actually pose a safety hazard by way of increased chances of tripping and falling.

All of these problems can be eliminated by a simple solution. Purchase and install a cheap carport. These are fairly inexpensive and easily installed. You can do it yourself or have a professional install it on your property. Once installed, move out the items that need somewhat of a protection from the elements but do not need complete coverage. Items of this nature include garden fertilizer, garden mulch, grass seed bags, bags of ice melting compounds, driveway sands, leaf rakes, shovels and such. Once these items that have been inhabiting your garage are out of the way, now there will be more space available for the storage and organization of your more important tools such as saws, drills, and such.

There might even be enough space to build a shelf, a cabinet or even a work bench in your garage for the storage of tools. But when the space is occupied by things such as cans of motor oil that you bought in bulk because of discounts or cans of paint purchased similarly, bags of garden supplies and such, then there ends up being no room in your garage for the storage of tools. That is where these cheap carports can come in handy.

Raj Krishnaswamy

Blue Autumn, Uniforms, and the Work Study

Having trained in the area of management service and Industrial Management, I have always ensured that Blue Autumn adheres to the principles of work study throughout its uniform manufacturing business, thus ensuring greater productivity.

What is Work Study ?

This is a term used to embrace the techniques of method study and work measurement. It is an analytical approach to the problems of productivity in order to obtain immediate improvement in the efficiency and effectiveness of working. It aims at:

The most effective use of machinery ( plant )

The most effective use of labour

Ensuring the proper performance of employees

The principle purpose is to obtain the true facts ( Not Opinions) about a work situation and to use them as a means to improvement. It is applicable, in one form or another, to any situation where work is performed. – It’s all about work improvement ‘

Thid is largely common sense, but it is – ordered – common sense, the application of which in our uniform manufacturing business tends to become a matter of routine rather than one of inspiration.

This is a tool of management and must be considered as part of the normal process of management. The responsibility rests with line, or production management even though its techniques may be carried out by a functional department. Detailed application of work study has tended to become a specialist function because the day to day task of management is sufficiently onerous, but the presence of a specialist unit does not exonerate management for failure to use it.

The application of work study is a continuous process, but each particular problem will require different treatment, and the techniques are necessarily flexible.

The Work Study Department

This is a specialist department within most textile organisation. With the primary aims and duties of:-

Breaking the garment down into operations and processes. For example in a nurses uniform, the tunic is broken down into around 20 smaller jobs or processes which are required to be performed in order to produce a nurses tunic.

Ensuring correct methods are installed and adhered to in each of these operations. This can be done by ensuring the operators workstation are correctly laid out, with the primary aim of reduced handling , minimal movement and as much sewing time as possible. i.e. ( The garment should spend more time at the needle than being handled).

Ensuring where piece rate is used that correct rates for jobs are set. These can be set using the traditional stop watch or GSD study.

Ensuring the production line is balanced in accordance with the rates set, thus ensuring work flow

Ensuring fairness to the employee and respecting the employer.

James Morley

Drink Can Tinwork

Here’s how to make a charming little embossed metal box out of an aluminium drink can.

It’s really easy to do and requires no Special Tools.

The edges of the metal can be quite sharp though, so watch your fingers!

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