How can I cut a plastic soda bottle without special tools?

I have some old soda bottles that I’m going to use as plant pots. The thing is that I don’t have a sharp utility knife to cut the tops off.
I don’t think a kitchen knife is sharp enough to do the job.
Does anyone have an idea how I can cut these bottles with every day ordinary items around the house?

you don’t need a very sharp knife just a serrated one. You can always make the first hole by heating a screwdriver on the gas and melting a hole, then you can cut with a pair of good scissors.

Free Internet safety software, get it now!?

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I just want to share this because many peoples have asked me about how to bock some website or how to control the computer privacy.

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What is A major problem with the British industrial economy?

a) plant obsolescence old factories and machinery
b) lack of raw material, particularily energy raw materials
c) labor shortages <–almost certain thats not it
d) high wages and japanese competetition<–pretty sure thats not it

im sad to say its B "weep"

you need skilled Carpenter in Vancouver BC timber framer Maple Ridge

skilled german carpenter with 25 years experience and Special Tools in Vancuover area
please call peter at 604 477 9055

Duration : 0:6:45

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weld patch on car panels / mig lesson

this is the follow on from how to patch rust
using a MIG welder It is one method that works very well
practice on a off cut in order to get your heat setting right
then its just a matter of joining the dots
don,t rush taking your time between each staggered section, means less heat build up

Videos are for reference and entertainment only: Even tho they are based on step by step guide – If you attempt a repair like the one seen in this video please use the proper safety equipment,

Duration : 0:3:1

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CNC Centroid Control educational video

This is a educational demonstration on the easy to use CNC Centroid control. If you have any questions please call 614-464-4376 and ask for Bill. Industrial Machinery sells and services Centroid Controls on new mills and lathes.

Duration : 0:7:12

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What tools are needed to change the oil filter on a 2010 Toyota RAV4? Any special tools?

It is just an element and oil rings.
The nearest dealer is 60 miles.
This is not the usual filter.
There is a permanent filter housing.
The filter is not a spin off-on filter but a filter element.

I have a 2009 rav4, I purchased a 65 millimeter cap wrench.

Is it OK to work alone with power tools?

My job involves working in private homes and I have to use power tools (240v). Quite often I am left alone all day while the customer goes out to work etc. regarding health and safety at work, is it legal for me to be doing this?

Yes of course it is. We might have a Nanny state in the Uk but we do not have work in twos just in case someone hurts themselves.

How do you remove a crank and a cassette without special tools?

So I’ve been salvaging my old bike just for kicks and giggles, and I’ve been able to take apart everything (including derailleurs) except for the crank and the cassette. How do you remove these?

Removing a cassette requires two Special Tools. One is the adapter that fits the lock ring. The other is a chain whip. Lots of mechanics make their own chain whips. There isn’t a lot to them. There are lots of videos on youtube about how to remove and reinstall a cassette.

Removing a crank may call for special tools. Usually it’s just a 10 mm allen wrench. If it’s a Shimano crank, the service manuals are online. Look there first.