Hand & Power Tool Safety Training Video from SafetyInstruction.com

Designed for individuals working in maintenance shops and other areas requiring the use of hand and power tools. Explains basic safety procedures electrical safety guards and general safety rules.

SafetyInstruction.com agriculture training series.


Duration : 0:3:0

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18″ x 40″ Trump Turn CNC Lathe Flat bed Type CNC Lathe at Industrial Machinery

Watch our how-to cnc lathe video demonstrating the Trump Turn 18″ x 40″ flat bed style cnc lathe. This CNC lathe features a air powered collet. with a 8 station automatic turret. Industrial Machinery has been in business for over 75 years and sells machinery , machine tools and metalworking equipment for manufacturers job shops fabricators and machinists.

Duration : 0:3:15

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What special tools do I need to replace a pitman arm and an idler arm on my 97 model F250?

I know I need a puller. I can buy a Pitman arm puller. But can’t I use the same tool for both Pitman and Idler arms? And what else might I need before getting started?

The pitman arm puller usually doesn’t work for the idler arm. Use a pickle fork/ball joint separator. You wedge it into the joint then hit it with a hammer to separate the joint.

Are there any free virus-free mp3 search tools available on the Internet today?

I’ve worked with LimeWire, and it caused my mom’s computer to crash. I’ve worked with several others that have the same issue… So are there any free virus-free mp3 search tools that I can use without having to worry about the safety of a computer that I use?

Are you requesting illegal or a legal mp3 search tool?

For a legal one, try getting Yahoo! Unlimited, iTunes, or Rhapsody.

Anybody have a link to industrial sounds?

I’m going to a party tonight and I’m in charge of bringing the audio so I need some links to videos of industrial sounds. Not industrial music but like sounds of a factory such as a table saw, metal gears clanking, chains clanking, variety of saws and machinery. Party is tonight so I need the links in the next couple hours. Not industrial music. Industrial sounds.

Look here,.

FARINA Press With Special Tools – AD-AM Trade of Moty Pri-Mor

FARINA Press With Special Tools. Electronic synchronized and visualized control of: * parallelism,* synchronism and positioning of the ram,
* control of ram slope for conic bending,* automatic recovery of the frame flections in order to obtain constant bending angle independently from lateral or central position of the sheet situated on the lower tool,
* mechanical, oleodynamic and * ectronic safety devices controlled by the CNC,* uniform control of working speed, working force and b.d.c. position.

Duration : 0:2:10

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NOSA General Tool Safety (103)

This is a Demo of the NOSA DVD Series


Duration : 0:3:48

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7″ x 12″ Magna Horizontal Band Saw demo available for immediate sale at industrialmachinery.com

Watch this metal cutting horizontal band saw demonstration video from industrialmachinery.com . If you have any questions please call 614.464.4376. Industrial Machinery has been in business since 1936 providing sales and service of new and used machine tools for American manufacturers.

Duration : 0:5:13

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