Bocote Pendant Turned Without Special Tools

In this video, I turn a round bocote pendant with offset hole using no Special Tools or chucks. This technique uses a couple of small face plates with waste blocks and 2″ turner’s tape.

Duration : 0:32:9

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Survival – Field Dressing Game Safety and Tools

Part 1 of 2, I could not fit it in 10 minutes… Part 1 Safety and Tools, Part 2 Field Dressing Steps…

Duration : 0:9:49

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Nargesa – Maquinaria Industrial – Industrial machinery

NARGESA, fabricación y venta de plegadoras, cizallas, torsionadoras, curvadoras, troqueladoras hidraulicas, hornos para forja artistica, brochadoras, punzonadoras hidraulicas, posicionadores de soldadura.

NARGESA, fabricación y venta de plegadoras, cizallas, torsionadoras, curvadoras, troqueladoras hidraulicas, hornos para forja artistica, brochadoras, punzonadoras hidraulicas, posicionadores de soldadura.

NARGESA, fabrication et vente de machines plieuses, cisailles, poinçonneuses, machines de torsion, cintreuses, machines à positionner pour soudage, soudure, fours à propane pour une forge artistique

PRADA NARGESA, fabbricazione e vendita di torsionatrice, punzonatrice idraulica, piegatrice, cesoia, forno a propano, curvatrice di profilati, posizionatore di saldatura, brocciatrice verticale, tranciatrice idraulica, – Working Solutions
tel (+34) 972568085
Prada Nargesa

Duration : 0:4:13

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when i click on the tools setting and go to safety?

settings click on delete browsing settings and hit delete nothing happens.i have tried everything and also when i log onto Facebook it would automaticlly have my log in info already typed in for me,now nothing happens at all,where did i screw things up at and how do i fix this to the settings before this happens.

you cant screw things up with that.
what you may have done is
Internet Options
Auto Complete ——> settings—-> delete auto-complete history
just make sure the right boxes are ticked, then it will remember them again

What are some applications of lasers?

I know about the lasers for cementing braces and the Industrial Machinery used for laser machining, but I need some other (and very specific) uses for lasers. Fiber applications would be good too.

Can’t believe no one mentioned holography yet. Wouldn’t be possible without lasers.
hmm, some other specific uses. I know physicist’s have used them to cool things by some very complicated means that is over my head:
They are used in prototype fusion generators to get enough heat in one place to cause hydrogen to fuse:
They being used in computer mice as an alternative to optical:
They are being used by police and swat to blind people (temporarly). Hey its better than shooting them. Look for Laser Dazer, that’s just one of the names that it’s marketed under
The military has been experimenting with shooting down missles with lasers:
And many many more

Some way to strap down tools in the back of a work van?

My friend, has a work van, one of those huge white ones.. the entire back of the van is used for storing tools, because he is construction. I am worried about his safety alot. Because they arent in anything, and heaven forbid he ever got in an accident I fear those tools will come into the front. Is there any companies that offer some sort of stationary storage containers that can be put into your van to hold tools and that.
This is a van, with two seats in the front, not a truck.. and the tools arent all big. Some small like hammers and that.

He could get a big shop tool box and bolt it into the van. Or, he could duct tape things in place. Also, he may want to consider getting a hauling net or metal bars to put behind the seats.

How were goods made after the industrial revolution?

I know they used machinery, but what kind of machinery?

The industrial revolution completely changed the way in which goods were made, up until then, everything was made by hand, but with the advent of steam power, machinery was speeded up, so greater quantities of goods could be made in much less time. It was during this period that many inventions were made that we take for granted today, such as spinning machines, steam wagons and railway engines. it was also then that the forerunner of the modern assembly line came into being

How To Change a Kitchen Tap – Plumbing Tips

A brief video about how to change a kitchen tap or faucet without hiring a plumber. We cover the Special Tools you may need and how to use them. How to turn the water off. How to remove the old tap and install the new one. How to re connect the water supply without any leaks. For more information visit our website at


Duration : 0:6:51

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Let’s Play Minecraft: Industrial Revolution 2! – 35: Tricky Machinery I

Texture Pack: Sphax PureBD Craft
Mods: IC², BuildCraft, TF2Teleporter, EquivalentExchange

Got some interesting stuff you want to show me:
Check my channel under “Support / SEND ME STUFF”


Duration : 0:12:47

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