do you need any special tools to take primers out of brass?

How do you take the primers out after you have shot it? they are .223, do i need a special tool or can i just punch them out or something? Not looking to re-prime or reload.

also got any tips for getting the gunk off the neck of the case. thanks in advance
ok, would i punch it out from the bottom, or from the inside?
This is lake city brass, which i am pretty sure is reloadable

Using fine steel wool will clean them up pretty well, and take off the annealing, too. Then you can use a rag and cleaner and get a really good polish to them.

As far as depriming goes, look down into the bottom of the case. If you can see a round hole, then it’s a Boxer primer, and all you have to do is push it out from the inside. If you don’t see a hole, or there’s a bar going across it, or more than one hole, you have Berdan primed cases, and you’ll have to pull them out from the bottom. You can do this by drilling a wood screw into them slightly.

If you were interested to reload these, you’d have to drill the primer flash hole and primer pocket out a little bit in order to fit a Boxer primer in them.

Good luck, hope these turn out nice for you!

looking for a basket for tools that is safety rated and can be lifted with a crane or hoist?

safety rating must be osha approved with a capacity of 3oolbs minimum

most rigging places will either have what you want or will manifacture it for you
here is one that we use alot in our industry..

How To Remove A Land Rover Fan and Viscous Clutch Without Any Special Tools

Just figured I’d take a quick video of removing the fan/viscous clutch on my 2000 Land Rover Discovery series 2 using a tip given to me by a friend of mine Luke who is a LR master tech and has his own shop here in Louisville, KY. I’ve seen plenty of different ways on the Land Rover internet forums that involve using strap wrenches on the water pump pulley or renting or buying special fan clutch tools and had never seen anyone doing it this way. So I figured I’d share since it is so quick and easy. Hope this helps someone.

Duration : 0:3:15

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Safety Tools Allmet Weld Removal (EX Tools)

This is a compilation video that shows the removal of different weld seem applications using Safety Tools Allmets Cold Grinding and Cutting Tools. Our Tools are ATEX Certified for use in EX Explosive zones 1 & 2. No Hot Work Permit required.

Duration : 0:2:36

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STEAM BOILER Robey Removal – JOB .wmv

The name McNorman, is synonymous with engineering quality, integrity and trust. This reputation enabled us to become the market leaders in our chosen field.

This website is introduced as a “Portal Site” to our respected existing and prospective clients across the continents. On this website you will find details of Industrial Machinery we have for sell or available in near future.

We provide specialized services to industries by locating, conforming, purchasing and shipping second hand Industrial Machinery and equipments. Over 20 years of experience, vast database of available machinery and suppliers and excellent channels of communication make it easier to serve you better at the lowest possible cost without compromising on quality of service and goods

Duration : 0:4:19

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What special tools are needed to to cut a steel patio door?

I have a steel patio door going to my deck. It is a 64" X 20" full light opening. A friend of mine gave me a 64" X 22" insert containing blinds built into the window. What power tools do I need to cut the steel other than a hacksaw?

A sawzall, or reciprocating saw with a metal cutting blade, or else a 4 1/2" grinder with a metal cutting blade. Mark both sides before cutting. Cut one side at a time, not the whole door at once.

What is the role of machinery and how does it affect the worker?

this is according to marx, i think its to do with how machinery changed society from primitive to industrial, im not sure tho, any help would be gratefully appreciated


Machinery produces more output to meet the growing demands of society.

Why do capitalists introduce machinery?
On Marx’s theory of exchange value, the only source of value is human labour. The labour that was involved in making a machine is passed on to its products, but no value is passed to them from the material of the machine or the natural powers it uses; the only value it can pass on is the equivalent of the labour used in making it. (Similarly, the exchange value of corn comes from agricultural labour, not from sun, soil and water: though of course its use value is due mostly to natural processes.) But if the introduction of a machine does not add to the value of the products, why do capitalists introduce machinery?
Read pp. 443-6. Some comments. On p. 444, 6 lines down, "Social value… individual value": By "individual" value here Marx means the amount of labour actually used to make this individual object. But its social value–i.e. its market value, exchange value–does not depend on how much labour was actually expended on this individual item, but on how much labour is needed on average to produce an item of this sort, by the socially prevailing normal methods. So when a new machine is introduced but has not yet become normal, those who use this machine can sell their products at the normal price although they can produce them with less than the normal labour: their surplus is increased.

Further down p.444, "variable" capital, "constant" capital. On the labour theory of value, only money spent buying the use of labour power can lead to an increase of value, since human labour is the sole source of value. Capital used to pay wages is variable in the sense that it expands during the process. He doesn’t mean that the wages bill varies from month to month: he means that money spent hiring labour yields an increase. Constant capital is money spent on raw materials, machinery etc., which yields no surplus value. The number of labourers employed depends on the ratio of variable to constant capital: the more spent on raw material and machinery the less there is available to employ labour, and of course the machine replaces labourers in the production process. Hence the contradiction referred to on p.445. The introduction of a new machine leads in the short term to increased surplus for the capitalist, but once the machine is adopted throughout the industry and becomes normal, the surplus is reduced unless the working day is prolonged.

P.446, Aristotle on weaver’s shuttles: Politics I.1, 1254a,32.

How to service ( lubricate ) a bicycle derailleur cable. ( No Tools ) adjust cables

One of the main causes of poor shifting performance in a bike that had formerly shifted pretty well is excess dust, dirt, and contaminant in the derailleur housing.

This video demonstrates a technique on how to lubricate a bicycle derailleur cable without having to use any Special Tools. The trick is basically that you run the gears up to the point that the derailleur is at it’s maximum extension under tension (on the biggest cog for standard, or down on the smaller cogs for a reverse, or “Rapid Rise” derailleur) and then, without pedaling, you release the shifter to the other end of the spectrum. By leaving the derailleur at it’s full extension, but releasing the shifter you create a bunch of slack in the cable (because the chain on the cogs holds the derailleur in place at full extension. With the cable slacked out you can remove the derailleur housing and cable from it’s guides (if the guides are slotted which is the standard on most decent bikes.) Then with the cable housing able to slide up and down on the cable itself, you can lubricate the cable, inspect for kinks, and clean.

The best part of this technique is that you can do it quickly, you can do it anywhere, and it does not mess with the derailleur adjustment at all.

Duration : 0:11:20

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How to squeeze your tools and spin fire safety

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All you have to do is to make ckatch can and to have gloves.
Every beginner is good to know how to spin safety and to use your tools. You can see in this tutorial how to squeeze with catch can.

Duration : 0:4:23

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