Sashmate® Double Glazed Window Repair Tool

This demonstration film shows how simple the Patent protected Sashmate® Top Hung and Side Hung tools are to use. The Sashmate® tools have been developed to allow a SINGLE fitter to carry out espanolette, glass unit and friction stay repairs safely from inside the building, at any height without the need for ladders or scaffolding. The Sashmate® tools will not only help lower access equipment and labor costs, increase company professionalism, profit margins and efficiency but will also decrease job completion times and add huge health and safety beneifts. The Sashmate® tools can be used on Upvc, aluminium and wood windows of all sizes.
Whether you are a repair person working alone or part of a large national company this MUST HAVE safety tool will benefit you and your business. Highly Commended by Judges at the GO6 glazing industry awards, the Health and Safety Awards 2007 and the SHP IOSH Awards in 2008.

New accessories are available now and the Sashmate® Steel will soon be on the market. Check the Glazesafe website for updates.

Cut labour costs
Cut job completion times
Reduce access equipment costs and associated ‘working at height’ risks

Improve safety, speed, efficiency and profits with the Sashmate® window repair tools.
Sashmate® is a registered Trade Mark and is protected by Patent in a number of territories.

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Konecranes – Machine Tool Service MTS 2010 English

Konecranes’ extensive machine tool service supply includes management, training, service, parts supply and Special Tools. We provide a service matching your requirements, no matter how complex they might be.

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do i need any special tools to put studs on a regular suit jacket?

im going to put pyramid studs on the collar and flaps of my suit jacket and i know you need Special Tools to put them on a leather jacket. do i need any special tools(other than plyers) to put them on because the jacket isnt very thick.

No, you should be able to run the stud through the fabric and attach the backing to the backside with just your fingers.

No pliers. Fingernails only.

Have a great night out!


Why cant I find my security tool bar , i have looked under tools and safety bar?

I’m not really sure of what your saying!

But, most of the security tools in a browser would be here, follow this:

At the top of your browser, click on tools, then options, there you can edit the security settings.

Now, the places for the tabs and the button could be different, depending on the type of the browsers.

which industries use industrial robots, and which use industrial machinery?

The auto industry uses robotic assembly engineering along with semi-conductor industry. Many others use robotics but it depends on high levels of capitalization (many dollars of investment). Less advanced industries still use machines and batch processing with more human interaction.

Docm77´s Minecraft Special: Enchanting Tools, Armor and Weapons

In this video, I give you detailed info about the enchanting of items as implemented in beta 1.9 prerelease 4.

Important Info:

Download links for Docm77´s Special Faithful 32×32 Texture Pack can be found in my channel description.

Important Links:

Enchanting Table Setup:

Wiki about enchanting:


Outro: CHAOSCLUB22 – Docm´s Theme

Duration : 0:14:51

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Battlefield Equipment Rentals – Full Version

From rental equipment, construction supplies and tools to safety equipment and safety training, Battlefield Equipment can supply just about anything you need to get the job done. Equipment rentals are available at daily, weekly and monthly rates, which gives you the flexibility to rent that specific tool you need for the day, or for the project.
© 2008 Battlefield Equipment Rentals

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KIA High Production VMC available from Industrial Machinery

Available: High production VMC with high rapid Rates, very fast turret index.
VMCs with Rotary Index tables, quick tool change and high rapid rates.
Free loading while producing parts. All machines with first class programming training and production setup if needed, provided by Heinz Putz of the Center for CNC Education.

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What special tools are needed to assemble an AR-15?

What Special Tools are needed to assemble an AR-15, and does anyone know of any good websites that give you "step by step" instructions to put one together from scratch?

The AR15 site above is a great site for info. If you decide to buy a complete upper than than those tools are all you need. If you want to build the upper from scratch as well you will need an AR-15 MULTI-TOOL and an upper reciever vise block to remove or install the barrel.